When cropped ears boxers

Ears boxer, you need to stop in puppyhood. The best option - the period from 7 to 13 weeks. If we stop earlier, when the proportions of the muzzle has not yet formed, it is possible to be mistaken with the length and shape of the ears. After 7 weeks, the shape of the skull and muzzle of the boxer is already formed, and blood vessels are not yet as developed as in adult dogs, and the cartilage softer. If you do cupping after 13 weeks, may form a visible scar or even scar wrinkling of the ear, deforming its shape. It is believed that before this age the surgery for the puppy is less traumatic and, in addition, it does not violate the schedule of mandatory vaccinations.

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But if the tail docking can be performed independently at home, cupping his ears, even if you are a surgeon, it is better to do in a specialized veterinary clinic. Before operation perform the de-worming of the puppy and do not feed him for 12 hours before her. Try to he was not especially excited, not termolite pet, going to the clinic.

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Operation for the relief of ears boxer

In itself, this operation, in the presence of the special tool is not very complicated. But it often happens that the ears of the dog have different thickness and density, there are differences in the set up and reversal. It is therefore important to find an experienced vet so he can adjust really beautiful ear shape. Boxers, according to the standard, bottled ear must be acute, while it should be neither too short nor wide. Don't worry, the surgery is painless and takes place under anesthesia, so much stress for the puppy will not.

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Deciding on the relief, you should know that in a few months the dog's ears will always have to deal with, to handle and to glue them, forming the right suppliers the ear. Drugs and medicines which you may need, prepare in advance. Purchase at the pharmacy jelly solkoseril, Zelenka, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial powder, an alcohol solution of levomicetina. You will also need analgin, diphenhydramine, valocardin bandaging material: sterile wipes, adhesive tape on cotton basis. Buy for dogs postoperative collar protecting his ears.

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Immediately after surgery and for several days afterwards, let the dog several drops valocardin and diphenhydramine analginum to calm her down and relieve pain. The more she gets to sleep in these days, the better. Sutures should be removed on the 10th day, all this time the dog must wear a postoperative collar. Regular treatment of seams guarantee that they will heal quickly and adhesions will not.

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