Advice 1: How to remove medical earrings

Today is still the safest method of piercing ear lobes is a method of using the gun is a special tool. The piercing earlobes is a medical earrings-needles, which need to wear 4-6 weeks. After healing channel, a month and a half earrings can be removed. And if the channel is formed correctly, it will make it quite simple.
How to remove medical earrings
You will need
  • soap;
  • - alcohol solution or hydrogen peroxide;
  • a piece of gauze.
Well wash your hands with soap, as the proper procedure for the removal of earrings-IGL should be carried out only with clean hands, so as not to contaminate it.
Two fingers of one hand confidently hold an earring stud on the front ("head"), with the other hand gently and slowly remove the clasp earrings back. The first time the fasteners are removed with a certain force. If earrings can not be, it is best to consult the person who pierced your ears. You can also refer to trauma.
Take a piece of gauze, soak it in alcohol solution or hydrogen peroxide 2% and treat the holes in the earlobes.
About 2 hours be without earrings.
Treat an alcoholic solution of the earrings, which suggest to insert (used previously stud earrings or earrings). If you decided to insert yourself new earrings, it is desirable that they were gold.
Disinfected wear earrings. When inserting do not grip the fastener tightly to the earlobe. Do not remove the earrings in the near future, it is advisable to wear them constantly for the first 6 months. Further, when the channel heal completely, wear the earrings at least thirty minutes every day to avoid unwanted recovery of the skin resulting from puncture channels in the earlobes can be colonized - and then would have to repeat the procedure.
If when removing the earrings you have doubts about the healing channel, or any other signs of inflammation – not delay the time, seek the advice of a specialist who you have pierced ears.
Useful advice
After removing the earrings eagle experts recommend to insert the jewellery without the English castle, but with the diameter of the pin of the same or smaller size as compared to the previous earring-needle. It is best to replace medical earrings-needles suitable gold earrings. Avoid cheap jewelry!

Advice 2: Gold earrings with amber

Now gold earrings with amber are back in fashion. This decoration easily managed to fit into the collections of many fashion houses. These earrings due to the new design truly stylish novelty. They are able to emphasize the feminine elegance that fit in any way.
Gold earrings with amber


The types of amber earrings in gold

A variety of models amber earrings cannot fail to delight fashionistas. Any girl can choose the option for your image. Gold earrings with amber can be:

  • in the form of studs;
  • pendants;
  • rings with amber flecks;
  • chandeliers.

Some models of earrings is a large stone of irregular shape set in gold. Quite interesting look earrings in the form of a scattering of small stones. Such models are often additionally decorated with other stones, not only amber.

How to choose gold earrings with amber

First and foremost, pay attention to the stone. Natural amber color is transparent red or waxy, passes through a light. Often the amber changes from brown to white. Gold earrings with amber can be a pleasant milky cream shade - these stones are valued higher because it speaks to his exclusivity! But note too the white color of the stone is a sign of the presence of chalk, therefore the stone is not very good.

Not to buy instead of the original forgery, take the piece of wool. RUB the earrings with the amber hair on the rock were the hairs? Then it is natural. In addition, invisible part, you can coat the stone with a sharp object - the original stone will crumble, the fake - creatica. Of course, it is not necessary for such a validation method to use expensive jewelry, you can damage them.

Advice 3: Gold earrings: interesting patterns and rules of care

Gold is associated with prosperity and wealth. Gold color accents on the sophistication of jewelry, giving everyday style a drop of individuality and luxury. But not every girl can afford gold jewelry of the highest standard. Here come to the aid of the accessories with gold, which also emit a pleasant warm glow, but it is based on medical alloy, silver or steel - because of this the price of the ornament is reduced significantly.
Gold earrings: interesting patterns and rules of care

Among the decorations especially popular are gold plated earrings. They may have a different design, but the price is always quite reasonable. Of course, the cost of the product is affected by the nature of the insertion, because such jewelry with semi-precious stones. But precious stones (corundum, diamonds) do not put in the silver earrings with gold.

Gold plated earrings with minerals and stones

Earring with gold plating is often used silver. Because silver is easy to work with, it lends itself well to the procedure of gilding. Jewelers use various inserts in order to emphasize the beauty of jewelry. On the basis of the used stone select several types of earrings.

Gold plated earrings with pearls. Delicate pearls perfectly complements the elegant style of the owner. The combination of pearl and Golden color - it has long been a classic.

Gold plated earrings with cubic Zirconia. These stones transparent colour resembling diamond. Cubic Zirconia is easy to put different shapes or be socketed into a separate part of the jewelry.

Gold plated earrings with Topaz. This option is more rare, because Topaz is a valuable gem.

How to clean gold plated earrings

First remove all surface dust, then wipe the product with a cloth soaked in alcohol or turpentine. Even for cleaning gold plated earrings suitable conventional ammonia or a solution of Marseilles soap.

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