You will need
  • soap;
  • - alcohol solution or hydrogen peroxide;
  • a piece of gauze.
Well wash your hands with soap, as the proper procedure for the removal of earrings-IGL should be carried out only with clean hands, so as not to contaminate it.
Two fingers of one hand confidently hold an earring stud on the front ("head"), with the other hand gently and slowly remove the clasp earrings back. The first time the fasteners are removed with a certain force. If earrings can not be, it is best to consult the person who pierced your ears. You can also refer to trauma.
Take a piece of gauze, soak it in alcohol solution or hydrogen peroxide 2% and treat the holes in the earlobes.
About 2 hours be without earrings.
Treat an alcoholic solution of the earrings, which suggest to insert (used previously stud earrings or earrings). If you decided to insert yourself new earrings, it is desirable that they were gold.
Disinfected wear earrings. When inserting do not grip the fastener tightly to the earlobe. Do not remove the earrings in the near future, it is advisable to wear them constantly for the first 6 months. Further, when the channel heal completely, wear the earrings at least thirty minutes every day to avoid unwanted recovery of the skin resulting from puncture channels in the earlobes can be colonized - and then would have to repeat the procedure.