Advice 1: The army stuff. Beats takes

Currently, the beret is a uniform headdress in most armed forces around the world. He is the pride and bravery of the soldier. Young men undergoing military service in the armed forces, where we have introduced takes, dreaming of Dembele and fully prepare for it. A bigger problem for them becomes the space of this wonderful headgear. That is why every soldier should be able to recapture in the future to help his comrades in this matter. Since the types of berets are a few: Charter, semi-uncial and drop, we are on holiday, and take a bit. He takes initially is in the form of a simple drive.
The army stuff. Beats takes
You will need
  • Takes a drop (choose your size, shop 54-55),
  • water (preferably hot)
  • shaving foam or gel,
  • hairspray (colorless),
  • disposable razor,
  • scissors
  • any plastic card,
  • badge.
First, we cut with scissors the lining of the beret, but it does not cut the insert for badges. Further immersion takes in hot water and wait 2 minutes for soaking. Get, wring out slightly, insert the badge at the exact center (orientirueshsya the liner inside beret) worn on the head and tighten the rope by the neck tie.
Without removing take, start with your hands to flatten it to the desired side. Left-to-iron back, bringing the hand up to the nape of the neck. The top stroke on the right side, create polydisk from the right ear. Arch for badges do the following: adhere to the badge left hand, and right nalivaem the top of the head forward, creating slips.
Then everything is much easier, just need to trim these sides and remove stains and holes. Don't be afraid to smooth out stronger, takes no breaks. Especially pay attention to the arch and paludisme to the ear, making them more allocated and smooth (Paludis preferably after its formation a little iron back to back, it's good to take it close to your ear and bend the ends). Your choice of how you want to look Paludis: closed Polukhov, lightly touch his or just hanging in the air above him.
After we made the shape, continue to improve it. Take shaving cream and put on the beret in great numbers. Coat everything thoroughly, each section (does not remove!!!). Then wait a few minutes, you can also a little iron on the side, but not much. Then wet hands with water and begin to RUB the foam (which take) movements from side to side, with an average click.
Removing all stains and white spots, a little more ironed form, even the flaws and leave our work alone. In any case, do not remove takes, go to it in about 1.5 hours, maybe more. It is desirable to be in a warm place it to dry on you.
When the takes dried up on your head, it can be put on a table or on the battery to completely dry, but so that Paludis was hanging from the edge. Then completely dry takes, we must get rid of the pellets that were formed from our foam and water. Take a razor and shave in the same side where we had to make amends for creation. Being shaved so that the surface was smooth and free of defects, all carefully and slowly.
Then take a hairspray and spray it on the inner side of the beret, that is where we cut the lining. Spend the entire nail, do not regret it, the more the better. All this is done in order to takes became harder. You will feel the result after such an operation.
Here and ready our miracle! It remains only to take a plastic card and cut it to the size of the cockade. Make two holes for antennae uniform hat (the beret should be two holes), insert the badge, and then fixed inside a piece of plastic card producing tendrils to the side. This will give our "piece" stillness.
Everything else is to your taste and color.
We can takes the right side, not left. The left roll can only maroon beret, as it is different from the rest. The only exception to the usual beret is a parade, only it is allowed to do the seaming on the left side.
Useful advice
If you want to put the shard or the checkbox on the left side, put it straight and not far from the badges. Remember, two holes to the left on take is ventilation, not liners for trinkets.

Advice 2: The army stuff. How to properly care for your ankle boots

Military man need to constantly monitor their clothing. The main thing, which attracts the attention of the military, is on his favorite shoes. In the land forces of army footwear are ankle boots. Let's look at the care and preparation of the tibia to exit in the light and army routine.
The army stuff. How to properly care for your ankle boots
You will need
  • Ankle boots (army shoes, choose to your taste and the season), cream gloss, Shoe Polish, soft cloth, baby powder for shoes.
Take the boots out of them the laces, then remove the Shoe brush. Thoroughly under cool water, dampen the brush and clean the boots. Then put them to dry.
Further, as the boots have dried, take the cream gloss and more layer cover the surface. Let the cream soak in, it will take about 10 minutes. Then take a soft rag with both hands, stretch it and attach to the surface of the Shoe. RUB quick movements from side to side, not much while pushing. It will give Shine to your Burzum. How to finish polished, leave them for 10 minutes.
After you take a powder for shoes and pour it inside of ankle boots. This will help to avoid the odor after a long walk in them.
Then we will have more time to apply the cream gloss and also go with a soft cloth. Do this in order to create a strong layer of water-repellent action.
Once we have conducted all of these procedures, the inserted lace. If the laces are not suitable in color, for example, is not the same as the contrast of the black, you can also use glitter, but don't RUB with a rag.
And here are our boots ready! Now no one can make you comments about the unwashed shoes.
Created polished layer will not only help in wet weather, but also get rid of dust and dirt. Thoroughly rinse the boots with a brush and let them dry out, they will be like new.
Useful advice
It is not recommended to use the army Shoe Polish. He eats shoes and your boots soon learn what cracks and POPs at the seams.
Remember, not all boots are suitable for different weather conditions, so choose carefully and according to the season.
Choose a cream without any special additives, the simpler the better, and not have to buy new shoes.
Is the advice useful?