Advice 1: Of earplugs

The ability to sleep in any conditions given are not so many people. Eighty percent of the adult population is able to sleep only in silence, which is not always possible given the noise coming from the street. In this case, a possible solution to the problem of light sleep can become earplugs.
Ear plugs will help solve the problem of light sleep.

What is ear plugs

Ear plugs are special devices to protect hearing AIDS from various adverse effects, which represent the inserts are generally cylindrical. The name of this device is derived from the phrase "take care of the ears.

Depending on the purpose earplugs can be divided into varieties. There are ear plugs for sleeping, for shallow waters, for diving, for aircraft. Also they are divided into adults and children.

In everyday life we often use earplugs for sleeping. The right ear plugs well fitting to the auditory passage and are able to protect sleep from the noise of the renovations in the apartment next door or an overly loud celebration.

What made earplugs

To manufacture this fixture using a variety of materials: PVC, wax, polyvinyl chloride, propylene, silicone. Options of materials are great in number, because, unfortunately, none of them perfect. There is only one rule: the softer the material of the earplugs, the worse they have noise reduction. But it's soft materials provide great comfort due to the ability to take shape of the ear canal. So the choice of material is always a balance between comfort and noise reduction.

Most often in the market you can find ear plugs of polypropylene, wax and silicone.

However, there are times when there is no opportunity to immediately go to the pharmacy and purchase ear plugs, but need them at this moment.

To make earplugs at home very quickly and easily. Enough to have any soft material, for example, pharmaceutical cotton wool or soft foam.

If earplugs are made of foam, just cut it in small cylinders. This form is more anatomic and comfortable. Cylindrical earplugs will not gather in folds, and hence will not put pressure on the ear canal. We just need to remember that these small cylinders should be long enough to later be retrieved, but they should not touch the eardrum.

Ear plugs of cotton wool – this is, in fact, small lumps of cotton, wrapped in cellophane or plastic wrap. The ends of this makeshift "bag" . thread. Cotton earplugs muffle noises well and soft enough not to interfere with normal sleep.

But earplugs made in the home is a single option. It can't be reused.

Advice 2 : Where to buy ear plugs

Ear plugs are special devices which protect your hearing from loud noise, water or other foreign objects. Their name is derived from the phrase "cover your EARS".
Where to buy ear plugs

The types of ear plugs

Earplugs you can buy in a drugstore, shop of overalls and order in the online store. There are several types of protective devices. To choose the right necessary, you need to know for what purpose they are needed. There are ear plugs for musicians, they are designed to protect hearing during concerts. Such devices have the properties equally to muffle the sounds of different frequencies, they have high performance of noise suppression. If you are concerned about the neighbors, the noise outside the window, it is recommended to purchase earplugs for sleeping. They have the ears of the small pressure, so you can use them for a long time.

From contact of the ears with non-sterile water will protect the ear plugs for swimming. For diving you must choose the special model with holes to align pressure. The sale also has earplugs for the noisy production, they will protect your hearing from loud sounds and from falling manufacturing debris. Ear plugs are manufactured from the following materials: cotton, silicone, PVC, polyurethane, polypropylene. All of these materials provide good absorption of the noise (up to 34db), usability, hygiene, shape retention, resistance to moisture and dirt.
To prevent pain in ears when flying in a plane you can buy special ear plugs that can relieve pain.

How to use ear plugs

All earplugs are the same, they need to compress to make the narrow tube, and then inserted into the ear canal. In my ears they straighten out and take its original shape, filling the space completely. You can choose ear plugs for single and for multiple applications. For permanent use it is better to buy reusable liners features a comfortable design grip. This design allows to avoid contact of the fingers with the surface of the ear plugs and ensures complete hygiene.
Disposable models acquire if necessary once protect the ears or with a small frequency of use.

Earplugs can have the colors and shapes, you can find models with lace. They are necessary to prevent loss in case of accidental loss from the ear. In areas with high noise levels are often installed dispensers a compact device for dispensing protective devices. Ear plugs for such devices are sold in plastic bags containing 200 pairs of fillers.

Advice 3 : How to choose a good one

When choosing earplugs, you need to consider several important parameters. Compliance with the recommendations of the experts to afford to buy these ear buds are comfortable and provide good protection against the noise.
Soft silicone ear plugs ensure Sokoly sleep
Ear plugs are designed to close the ear canal. They help to get rid of the influence of loud sounds and prevent numb in the ears of water. If possible, before buying them you need to try.
There are several criteria for the selection of ear tips. First, the earplugs should be made of a material providing good zvukopodrazhanii and health safety. Secondly, to be shaped to fit snugly and not fall out of the ear. That is, their use should be comfortable for the person.
Earplugs come in several forms: sleep, swimming, flying, for musicians. They are made of different materials and have varying degree of noise reduction. For example, ear plugs for sleeping provide zvukopodrazhanii 20-45 DB. They can be made of thermoplastic polyurethane silicone. Choose need ear plugs on a number of criteria: softness and shape memory, hygiene, size.
Most important for comfortable use of the second parameter is the ability to remember shape. Before you submerge the liner in the ear, it must shrink. In the end it should be a thin tube that is able to adapt to the curves of the ear canal. Before buying you need to ensure that the ear plugs after the compression is good recover. If they do not meet this criterion, the ear can fall out of your ears and will not protect against noise.
Important and the softness of the material, as it is sufficient to ensure the absence of morning pain arising in the ear after the use of earplugs. In terms of hygiene, these liners come in reusable and disposable. For regular use you can buy both of them, the main thing is to ensure that they will not become contaminated earwax.
Make sure that ear plugs conform to the required size of the ear. Otherwise provided not only discomfort, no noise reduction, but the loss of ear tips. To avoid their loss will help special cord, which many manufacturers equip their products.
Ear buds for swimming (gidroplag) mostly made of soft silicone. You need to buy those that are slightly raised above the auricle. These earplugs protect the ear canal from the ingress of water and dirt. These liners fit and those who suffer from otitis, damaged eardrum. They are good for sleep, as they provide excellent protection from loud noises. Judging by the reviews, silicone earplugs, the most comfortable and practical.
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