You will need
  • Solarium (vertical, horizontal or table), electric network with a valid voltage 220 V
Open the Solarium. Check the protective glass in integrity. Through it, inspect the bulb for visible damage. Ask the documents for used lamps. They should change. The lamp life is noted in the manual.
A tanning bed works from electrical current. Any Solarium equipped with cable and plug for inclusion in the electrical network. Check out these details for completeness. Take a fork and insert into the socket. The line voltage must be 220 V. In the housing must be the lamp. When connecting the cable to the socket it will show that a Solarium is included.
Wear eye protection. Way toggle switch. Pull it in. When you turn the toggle switch will light the lamp in the Solarium. Turn off the device. Now you should determine how much time you need for the session. On the handle of the toggle switch is dividing, marking the sun time. Depending on what your skin type, set the time of the first session. Some cabins on the sun decks is a table showing the interval of time for each type. Set the handle toggle switch to the division that corresponds to the desired number of minutes.
All these manipulations are required if the Solarium your own. When you visit the Solarium club,the launch comes down to pressing the Start button. Preliminary manipulation produces a receptionist. But to ensure the integrity of the coating and lamps, as well as the availability of the documents and licenses that no one bothers you.
Log in to the allotted room. Press the Start button. The Solarium will start. The device is probably connected to the reseption where the attendant. In this case, the time exhibits specialist, just press Start.
Horizontal and vertical solariums are included equally. The difference can be only in the location of the buttons. Before the session, you must determine which key is responsible for the start-up. Most often it is located on the inner surface of the movable part of the Solarium. If you can't find it, ask at the Desk. As a rule, the Start button is quite catchy, and mix it difficult.