How to replace the lens yourself

The ability to change lenses at home is provided for frames Aviator Ray Ban production. For this you will need a new glass from a corporate store and a small screwdriver. Look on the sides of the rim bolts and Unscrew them. Put the bolts in a container so you don't accidentally swipe them off the table. Remove the damaged lens and replace a new one, installing it into the slots on the rim. When install the lens correctly, secure the frame with screws.

Similarly, we can replace glass in all sunglasses with folding frame, provided that you will find suitable lenses in a specialty store.

Where to replace the glass in the glasses

If you bought the glasses at the company store famous brands (Ray Ban, Polaroid etc.) or ordered at the optician, your problem is easily solved by the experts. If on the glasses sophisticated frames, replacement lenses can cost more than buying a new accessory.

Cheap glasses purchased on the market, rarely can be repaired. Typically, these models are non-collapsible frame or a custom lens shape. In addition, the proposed in opticians lenses are expensive, even if glasses are not polarized. In this case it is necessary to recognize that points can not be saved.

How to care for glasses

Lenses from Plexiglas and other materials quite quickly covered with a grid of scratches. This deteriorates not only the appearance of points, but the visibility in them. To not have to change glasses, you need to properly take care of your accessory.

Lens cleaning from sebum, street dirt, and other traces need special cleaning spray and microfiber cloth. You can buy them in the optics or shop for photographers. The napkin should be kept clean and stored in the case along with the glasses. The sale also features disposable wet wipes, suitable for cleaning glasses. They are easy to keep on hand if you have a long drive. Wipes impregnated with an alcoholic solution that removes dirt and leaves no residue on the lens.

Periodically the glasses should be washed in warm water with environmentally friendly means, for example, shampoo or shower gel. The connection of the lenses and frames can be cleaned with cotton sticks. After washing, the glasses must be wiped dry with a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving streaks.

Store sunglasses should be in a box or case. If you often wear glasses in the bag, choose a hard case with a good zipper. It should also be kept clean.