You will need
  • A friend's phone.
What can you offer the lucky owner of the phonewho thinks that these stories can happen to anyone, but not him? How can you best protect yourself?First check the settings of your phone. If there is a function greetings when you enable, then write just something like: "If my phone will be in your hands, please call the number ... I would be very grateful". If there is no such function, then print out these words and stick on the back side on the phone itself.
If, however, you find that the phone is stolen, do not despair, the output is still there.
I advise you to remain calm, not to panic.
If your phone is stolen in a closed room, and you notice it, ask any person to dial your number. Listen, you can hear your signal. Thus the thief can quickly catch or - Oh, happiness! – find your phone forgotten, for example, near the cash register.
If the phone is stolen and the thief was a professional, he immediately disconnects the phone. Don't worry, the phone eventually it will turn, being far from the place of theft.
If your account is a big amount of money, I advise you to call the operator with a request to block outgoing calls. Now the safety of your funds is guaranteed.
After that do not cease to call on your phone. If it's pretty tiring, ask a colleague, friend, relative, neighbor or just send to your phone message and inform you about shipping.
As soon as I get the delivery report message means that your phone is connected to the network. Immediately start dialing until someone picks up.
If you find that your phone is just lost, then you'll get it back for a small fee or even free of charge.
If you require serious purchase, settle, appoint the time and place of the meeting. In any event to the police report.
If the kidnapper does not communicate, then you need to ask the operator to track the trajectory of movement of your phone.
While ' go for a meeting.
You can also look for the ad in the newspaper – buyers of stolen phones are giving ads in Newspapers, on websites.
But it is better to give a counter-ad by yourself, having exactly the brand of your phone and making a decent amount. Reverse phone enter the person numbers of the following list of your phone contacts.
You can also contact the police. The serial number of your phone will be listed as missing. And if your phone will place calls, it will immediately find and will return.
In any of these ways there is no 100% guarantee that you will return the phone, but to give up is impossible.