You will need
  • A statement to the police about the loss or theft of mobile phone, IMEI (international mobile equipment identity).
If you lose your phone, you should not immediately panic. Try to call him or send SMS. Maybe the phone would be somewhere nearby, and you hear the phone, to discover it. You may be able to contact the person who found the phone, and ask to return it for a reward or even just because.
If your phone is unresponsive, you must write a statement to the police about the loss or theft of the phone and attach IMEI. IMEI is the international mobile equipment identity (International Mobile Equipment Identity), the majority of modern phones it is a 15-digit unique identification number, which is listed in the registration database of mobile devices and is programmed in the firmware of the phone. IMEI can be found on the box of the phone over the bar code under the battery. The statement also it is desirable to attach the box from the phone, receipt and warranty card. All this is necessary to confirm the fact that this mobile device belongs to you.
From MIA to the mobile operators should do a search of the location of the phone by IMEI. When you connect your mobile device to any network GSM IMEI is automatically sent to the mobile operators, and they have the technical ability to determine within which base station the phone with this IMEI and calculate its coordinates with a high degree of accuracy, even if it was replaced the SIM card. At the request of the police of any mobile operator is obliged to provide information on the location of your phone on a map, and a list of calls made from your phone if required.
There is another way to track a lost phone — use the dedicated software which is widely spread in the network. According to the developers, some applications can lock the device, erase all the important information, to submit an alarming and a warning signal to kidnappers, e-mail phone number if it will be replaced with the SIM card. There are also many online services created, in particular, manufacturers of mobile equipment capable of using the GPS module of the phone determine its location and to indicate on the map. However, to ensure the accuracy of determining the coordinates of your lost mobile device using the data of electronic resources is impossible, and hope to get good performance specially installed applications.