You will need
  • phone with GPS.
In order to know where you are interested in subscriber, you need to make a few simple manipulations. First, connect to satellite monitoring. You can do this on the website There is a section "Free monitoring".
So you can use this service, your phone must have a Communicator - built-in, can be connected. It is through him and will establish the connection with the satellite.
Please sign in and send upon request all the necessary information - your mobile phone number, that phone you're looking for your login to work in the system. Follow all instructions very carefully, otherwise the system will not be able to display the information you need.
After completing all of the items you can start working with the system. To do this in the designated field, enter the number of the searched phone and click "Search". Monitoring will begin immediately. Wait a few seconds, and information about the whereabouts of the phone will be presented on the screen.
In some cases operators of the companies serving your phone can give you the information you need on the phone. For this you only need to call your company to give information about yourself - name, patronymic and surname, and also give the answer on the control question test. After that experts of the monitoring system will find all the information you need.