How to find by phone number the location of the person:

Mobile operator

The easiest way to search by phone number is the service mobile. The principle of connecting and providing service for all operators practically identical. To enable it, you must dial a combination of numbers, which consists of a special code, and tracked numbers. After that, the phone receives the request, which is confirmed by an SMS message. With the help of this service you can locate a few numbers. The cost of an SMS request is set by the operator.

The main advantage of is its simplicity. There is no need for a computer or any other equipment, enough mobile phone. This will fit any, even the cheapest model without special programs. Besides, who wants to know the location of the subscriber's mobile number, no need to sit at a computer or have Internet access on your smartphone, as search results come in the form of SMS.

But there is a slight drawback to this service is the dependence of the result from the terrain and location on her cell towers, because that is what takes place. The determination of the location may not be accurate, and have a deviation of up to hundreds of meters. However, in most cases, this result is enough.

GPS tracker

In this case you will need a special device – a GPS tracker, which is also called GPS tracker or beacon. This device, which you can use to not only answer calls, but even to call more numbers, which eliminates additional phone.

The model trackers are widely used by parents to track the whereabouts of children. Device at any time, in real time allows to determine the location of the child with high accuracy. We have to purchase the tracker, insert the SIM card and configure. Program the device has a wide range. For example, if the child decided to leave school early, under certain settings, parents immediately receive a notification. The cost of the service, as in the previous methods is determined by the tariffs of the operator.

Mobile app

This method of searching is not for everyone, as it requires a smartphone of the latest developments. It has special application, the principle of operation of which depends on the installed system smartphone. This free surveillance program or paid services in the form of notifications on Inbox and SMS.

You should be wary of "best" offers in the Internet in the form of special programs for instant search of the subscriber. In most cases, this is a hoax with the purpose of monetary gain. The handle is better in the official centers, which for a small cost will help to track and find your caller.