Make sure that the phone is connected to the Internet at an unlimited rate, it is properly configured access point (APN) - her name starts with the word internet and not wap, and also that it comes with a SIM card purchased in the region where the device you want to use. Note that as the tracker better to use smartphone with a built-in GLONASS or GPS receiver, because the phone, which has just Java, is single-tasking, and the external navigation receiver is inconvenient to carry constantly.
Install a program tracker that is suitable for your operating system. For example, for Symbian - My World GPS Tracker (producer - JasperGoes) for Android - Live GPS Tracker, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 - TrackMe. Download the software only from the developer or from the official app store, otherwise it might turn out to be fraudulent. Run the app and then create an account on the server. Depending on which program you choose, the registration can be done via integrated interface or through the website. In the second case, a link to it you will see the tooltip or launch the browser automatically. During registration make sure you have a complex password. If you wish to monitor your baby, login account, he not tell. Track the same move adult members of the family only with their consent.
Look in the settings item, which allows identifying the circle of persons which can track the movement of the phone. Select the option in which this can be done only by the person accessing the website under your username and password. Also configure the program so that when you restart the mobile it starts and logged on to the network automatically. Log in to your account on the website from the computer, and the machine raise it to the window. Make sure its location is shown correctly. Note that in case of loss or theft of the phone tracker may not help, because attackers are able to detect and close. The same thing can be done and the child is not willing, to be followed by the parents, so it is important to explain to him that such supervision is necessary for his own safety.