The easiest and quickest way to trace a person by phone number can those who are subscribers of MegaFon. This company offers to choose from several appropriate services. For example, you simply need to visit the website and fill in the required information on the wanted subscriber. After some time, the application will be processed by the operator and on the customer's mobile phone services (if the wanted subscriber is allowed to determine your location) you will receive a text message with the exact coordinates right person.

In addition, to trace a person by phone number a Megaphone, you can run a USSD-command *148* subscriber's number#. This service is valid on most fares, including the baby - "Smeshariki" and "Ring-Ding" that allows you to always remain aware of moving children. Finally, if you do not want to spend time typing special commands, just try to call the number 0888 and ask the operator to send a request to find a location of a subscriber.

The customers of the MTS can track the person through the phone using services, which is called "Locator". To submit a request for a search you need to create a text message with the number of the wanted subscriber and send it to 6677. As for subscribers of Beeline, please send a message with the letter L and the number of subscriber on number 684. Also on the official websites of both operators there are special sections to search the location via the computer online. Please note, in all cases, the search service of the subscriber on the phone number is chargeable and its cost depends on your current tariff.

The ability to track person by phone number available to law enforcement officers and offices of mobile communication. You can contact them in case if you need to find the missing relative or the malefactor, who committed a crime. It is enough to apply for a search of the person and specify its data and mobile phone number.

Any other effective ways to trace a person by phone number do not exist, therefore, do not trust suspicious websites and people who offer to do it for a fee. Most likely, in this case, you are dealing with scammers.