Before you attempt to find phone if lost and it is off the satellite for free, you need to know how exactly is the process of finding devices. This is usually applied to satellite and cellular technology. To track the cell phone GSM signal coming from the nearest mobile tower. Most of the technologies used by intelligence agencies and private companies, is based on this method. Therefore, to calculate only the approximate coordinates of the mobile phone depending on how strong in the area of the GSM signal.

Separate the complexity of mobile phone search is that it is in the off state. Try to find it for free in this situation can only be in two ways. If you know the IMEI number of the missing phone, you can inform law enforcement or the cellular company which subscriber you are. As soon as someone starts to use the device, sooner or later information about him to "light up" on the Internet, or the phone will detect the services that you have requested.

Much easier to find a lost phone if it is enabled. If you do not wish to apply for this to the police or office of the cellular company or data service could not help solve the problem, you can turn directly to a mobile operator. The search will be carried out not for free but for a small nominal fee. It should be noted that all operators require that a subscriber that someone is trying to find, confirmed the transaction with your consent. This can be avoided if you try to use the service, not by commands, but by dialing the service operator (0890 – MTS 0500 – 0611 and MegaFon – Beeline).

Tell the operator that you want to find a phone, but it is off and could have undesirable person. Once you verify your personal data, the connection will be aborted. If employees of the contact centre will be able to detect mobile device using my methods, they'll call and report it.

You can place an ad about the loss of mobile phone on social networks and on specialized sites, where users can provide the necessary assistance. Be careful, avoid suspicious websites and scams the Internet, which can offer to find a phone by satellite for free or for a certain amount. Thus they can gain illegal access to your mobile or Bank account.