Advice 1: How to find the location of the phone

The necessity of determining the location of the phone can occur in anyone, and each time the reason will be very respectful. Today, many companies and programs offer you to find a phone in minutes, but not all of them fulfill their promises.
How to find the location of the phone
If you want to know about the movements of your child or elderly relative that does not always answer the phone, and you prefer to know where one of them can wait or look for, then if the phone issued in your name, ask the operator, not do they provide services to locate the phone. Every phone is constantly searching for network, bearing cell towers, and the operator with a precision of ten meters may calculate the location of the subscriber. This service can be paid for each definition, or cost a certain amount times per month.
Most modern phones are equipped with GPS-receivers, which are much easier to find my phone. There are programs that are installed on the phone and computer simultaneously. If you make a request from the computer, the phone immediately respond and give you your coordinates. But even if the phone does not have built-in GPS, it will still be able to navigate in space using the same cell tower. Special attention should be paid to so-called an alarm tracking programs that you can install to your phone, and from time to time to forget. If the phone suddenly will be stolen or lost, the program will prompt the new owner to enter a password and if correct password is not specified, the program will send SMS with coordinates of the phone in the room. This program will work and send SMS about location, even if the new owner inserts a new SIM card. Thus, you can easily find your phone and return it.

Advice 2: How to find location of person by mobile phone number

Concern spouses about each other and about the children and other loved ones is a frequent phenomenon. Luckily, currently, thanks to the development of cellular communication have the ability to locate a person by mobile phone number.
Try to find location of person by mobile phone number
If you are a subscriber of MegaFon, locate a person by mobile phone number several ways. First and foremost, it is a convenient and short USSD-request *148*(phone number to search through "+7")#. In addition, you can use the site and specify the number of the desired subscriber via a special form. Finally, you need to call 0888 to contact the operator MegaFon and request a search of the person.
Subscribers of MTS can use the service Locator to find the location of person by mobile phone number. To activate send SMS to 6677. In the message, specify the phone number to search and wait for the response with the coordinates of the location. Furthermore, this service has some features, which you can find below.
The company's clients Beeline has the ability to locate a person by mobile phone number by sending an SMS with the letter L and the number of subscriber to search for at number 684. In addition, you can learn the location of the person using the site operator, where there is a corresponding special section.
If you have no desire or time to deal with the search algorithm of the subscriber's location, just try to call the technical support service of your operator (0888 – MegaFon, 0890 – MTS 0611 – Beeline). Inform about what you want to know where the user is located, then tell the number. Most often operators are clients to meet and help activate the appropriate service manual.
The location of the subscriber's number is carried out only with his consent. As soon as you try to use this service, the subscriber will receive a notification. If he would respond to his message with the word YES or YES, you will get its coordinates, otherwise you will not be able to know its current coordinates. In addition, the search service is paid by all operators, and its average cost is 10 rubles.

Advice 3: How to find location by number

Thanks to the development of mobile communication subscribers have more and more different services, so today subscribers of any large operator has the ability to locate the phone number.
How to find location by number
The MTS allows its subscribers to find the location of the person number within the service "Locator". To connect, use the special short number 6677. Let's search for the desired subscriber by dialing the mobile device number and sending it to the indicated short number by SMS. Do not forget to specify the current value of the connection and use services on the website
Subscribers of "Beeline" can also find the location by mobile number. For this there is a short number 684 for which you want to send an SMS message with the text of the letter L and the number of the person you need to find. Every sent request will cost you from 2 rubles and above.
When using the services of the operator "MegaFon" to find the location of the person in the room in several ways. The first of these is a special service available for such tariff plans as "Ring-Ding" and "Smeshariki", which can connect to parents and children. To use the second method of determining the location of a person, not necessarily to enter a special user group. Simply navigate to the website services and fill out the application form, then send it to the operator. Immediately after processing and approval of application, your mobile phone will receive SMS-message with the coordinates of the phone owner.
Find the location of the room only with the consent of the subscriber. An operator or an automatic service will send him a SMS query that it should answer in the affirmative.
Useful advice
Remember that the list of tariff plans and terms of service can change at any time, so from time to time should visit the official website of your mobile operator for updated information.

Advice 4: How to find the location of the subscriber Megaphone

When you need to find the location of the subscriber Megaphone at one of the special services of the cellular operator. You can search for people with highly effective options "Navigator".
Find the location of the subscriber Megaphone with a special services operator
Connect the service "Navigator" to find the location of the subscriber Megaphone by phone number. With it you can search for subscribers, not only within networks, but also those who use the services of other operators. Select one of the available connection methods: via SMS, USSD-request or on the website of the operator.
Try to find the location of the subscriber Megaphone by dialing *140# or sending a blank SMS to the short number 1400. With this you can add subscribers to a special list for easy access by sending the number on the 1400. Next, the person who sent the message receives a request to determine their location. To consent to the procedure, he must send the response message with the word "YES". As a result, you will receive the coordinates of the subscriber. To disconnect the service by sending a message off to the short number 1400.
The following connection method of the Navigator Megaphone is to send a text message with the word "WHERE" and subscriber number for 1400 or dialing *140* the number in international format. Please note that your use of the service is not charged. To find out more about fees installed in your area-call the toll free number 0500.
You can find the location of the subscriber Megaphone in the room by opening the website of the "Navigator" service and click "Search". Here you need to enter the phone number of the desired subscriber and click "Search". If you are not using a computer, cell phone, website address on a mobile device would be Select a contact from your personal list and use the popup instructions to complete the search. To find the subscriber's broadband TV with the help of the application "MegaFon – Yandex.Cards." Download it on the website and installing to the phone, go to the menu item "Find other users", then select the desired subscriber and click "Show on map".

Advice 5: How to find the location of Beeline subscribers

Find the location of Beeline subscribers using such services as "Mobile locator". There are still other available search methods, for example, through a special application for smartphones.
Search for Beeline subscribers is carried out using the mobile phone
Connect the option "Mobile locator" to find the location of the subscriber Beeline for the room phone. This operator differs from others in that it uses several technologies to search for: COO to determine the cell in which at the moment is people; TOA, taking into account the time difference between various base stations of the operator, which receive the signal; AOA for the direction of the signal from the antenna Beeline and calculate the "angle challenge". All this ensures the accuracy in finding the current location of the phone or that person.
Activate "Mobile locator", by calling the number 06849924 or by sending an SMS with the letter "L" to the short number 684. Specify the number of the desired subscriber. Wait for a while until receive the request and does not approve it. In the case of his consent, you will receive a message with coordinates of the subscriber. One request will cost you about 2-3 rubles, depending on your region and connected rate.
Try to find the location of Beeline subscribers using one of the free apps that allow you to carry out the procedure. Please note that usually it is necessary to install software on your own phone and phone the right person. It is important, at the time of the search both devices have active Internet connection or GPS connection. Use official resources to download the application. For example, Android users can download the program AlterGeo in Play Market or on the website Be careful when choosing the application site because there are a lot of fraud resources with malicious software.
If you lose your phone or it was stolen you can try to calculate the current location of your accommodation Beeline for the serial number (IMEI). This can be done by contacting law enforcement or in the subscription office of your operator. Be prepared to submit personal documents to provide an accurate reason why you require this confidential information.

Advice 6: How to locate person by phone number

Modern development of high technology to provide society with innovative products that make life easier. Early to determine a person's location at any given time without outside help was an almost impossible task. Now the search is maximally simplified and is not difficult for any user. Currently, there are several ways to find the location of the person through easily accessible electronic gadgets
How to locate person by phone number

The location of the person using the mobile operator

Most methods are based on the use of advanced information technologies and communication services. The most common is the use of the services of mobile operators. The procedure for connecting this service is similar to most of them. For the convenience of customers it as simple as possible. The algorithm begins with activation of send the request in the form of a USSD command, specifying the phone number of the wanted man. After that, the request for service activation is confirmed by the SMS message according to the operator tariff. This service uses an Internet connection in order to determine the location of the person, guided by the signals of his mobile device. Users of this function enough to carry any portable device with network access.

  • The "service Locator" from Beeline (Android only): room 5166 sent a blank SMS and downloaded the app. The service costs 3 rubles a day, it is possible to track 5 rooms including operators MegaFon and MTS.
  • Service "Navigator" from the Megaphone: sent USSD-command *140# or search is on the website The desired subscriber is tracked on the website or via USSD-command *140*number search phone#, the phone being searched is indicated by format 7 XXXXXXXXXXXX. Price: 3 rubles per day. You can monitor and MTS.
  • MTS: connected to the service "Locator". Sending the USSD command *111*788# activate this service. Sending SMS to 6677 the name and phone number of the monitored subscriber, you add it to the list of monitored. For example, "DOB Catherine 89610536445". Surveillance is conducted for subscribers of MegaFon. The paid service, the price - 100 rubles a month.

Methodology an online search is available even for regular phones, do not require the installation of special software or reference to the stationary equipment, making it the most common tracking system.

Find out the location via GPS tracker

The search function also has a built in GPS tracker. This device partially duplicates the functions of a conventional phone, allowing you to receive and make calls to a limited number of rooms, with built-in GPS component associated with the satellite, makes the device a kind of "tracker", allowing with high accuracy to determine the location of the person, owning this GPS tracker.

Providing GPS tracker Sim card and adjusting the settings for receiving notifications, the user can at any time to know its position with high precision, using Internet resources, as well as through SMS. A range of options of this device enables its wearer to exercise complete control over all movements of the object of surveillance, and compact size "light", therefore it is virtually invisible and easy to use. GPS tracker is widely spread as an appropriate instrument for parents with high precision to determine the location of their children. Thanks to this device the children are under constant supervision, and their parents receive notification about their movements.

Mobile app – another way to find the location of the person

The owners of modern portable communication devices, it is advisable to use special search functions through a mobile application integrated in the operating systems of most smartphones. Downloaded and installed these programs absolutely free. The search function they are configured the best way, and in cases necessary, the specialists of service center will help you to solve all questions in the use of search programs on smartphones.

Beware of scams

When trying to learn the location of the person try not to fall for tricks fraudsters. On beautifully designed sites, they can offer these services for a nominal fee. But sending an SMS to a short number, you will simply lose money. The second option is to download the program, ostensibly to track the location of a person. Instead, the computer will simply be infected by a malicious virus.

Modern technology promotes the implementation of advanced surveillance techniques available to the masses. Thanks to modern GPS systems and special applications of the latest smartphones and programs designed for regular phones to determine the location of the person is not difficult.

Advice 7: How to find the location of the subscriber of MTS

Knowing the mobile number, you will be able to quickly find the location of the subscriber of MTS. This operator represents several special services are available for connection at different rates.
You can find the location of the subscriber of MTS by its number
Quite often with the need to find the location of the subscriber of MTS faced by parents who want to always be aware of where their child. In this case you can use the service "Child monitor". The connection is carried from the child's phone. Send to the number 7788 SMS message containing the text "MOM" or "DAD", then follow the instructions. The child's current location will be displayed on the map. You can use this service for free the first two weeks, then monthly fee for each month will be 50 rubles. With this you can install an unlimited number of queries to determine the whereabouts of the child for three members of your family. For all others the cost of a single query will be 5 rubles.
Use the service Locator to find the location of the subscriber of MTS. Use short number 6677 for sending free SMS messages with name and telephone number of a person. After that, the subscriber will receive a text request for the definition of their location, which he can agree or refuse. If the answer is positive you will get the current coordinates of the person. In the future you will be able to identify them without the consent of the subscriber. Enough to write a message including the word "WHERE" and the name of the subscriber in Latin letters on the number 6677. Each request will cost you 10 rubles.
Connect the option "Mobile workers", which is also responsible for locating the subscriber of MTS, but it is highly specialized and is designed for company owners and businesses. With it, they can be aware of the movements of their employees. Contact the nearest to you monthly MTS office and send us an application with a list of names of employees and numbers corporate phone that will be connected to a single system. You will be able to track the whereabouts of employees and the vehicles your company's phones and GPS devices. Pay for the service "Mobile employees" is made monthly via a corporate account or individual account.
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