Send your number an SMS with a request to return the phone for a fee. If the message is successfully delivered, then the cell is enabled. You can call him and discuss with the finding of the meeting and the amount of gratitude. This method often works if the lost phone is found decent people. Sometimes they try to get in touch with the owner of the phone, finding in your notebook contacts of relatives, so do not rush to block the SIM card. Even if the finder had been dishonest and are going to sell the discovery without the documents and the headset, they will not be able to get more than 50% of its real value. Thus, the size of your gratitude must not be less than this amount.
Look in the documents the identification number of your phone (IMEI). He's usually listed on the box under the barcode, or on the warranty card. This room is a 15-digit number unique to each apparatus. He immediately sent to the network operator, as soon as the phone inserted SIM card. The operator can determine where to use your camera and to whom the registered phone number. This information is a secret, can provide it only upon request from law enforcement agencies. Therefore, the next step will be to contact the police.
Write a statement about the missing phone. Attach a copy of the receipt, which shows the series and model number, and a copy of the warranty card with the identification number of the device. These documents will be proof that the missing phone really belongs to you. Unfortunately, the search for the missing mobile phone is a costly event, so the police don't always rush to solve the case. Alternative government structures are PSCs.
Contact a Private Security Company. Many of them are successful in finding a lost or stolen phones. Within a couple of days after the treatment, they are associated with all cellular operators in the region and putting the IMEI, get information about who and when used your phone. Services are Private pay, but they are justified if you have an expensive phone.
Look for yourself your phone in places where you are selling and buying cell phones. Perhaps the machine has not yet found a new owner. Therefore, upon presentation of documents proving that the phone belongs to you, you will be able to return it.