First clean bowel enema or any laxative potent drug. Best option to soften and complete cleansing of the bowel is considered to be Magnesium powder, soluble water. After these procedures it is recommended to be in close proximity to the toilet, the effect is unpredictable and rapid. If nothing happens, repeat the procedure, but only for the next day.
Now we can regulate bowel function. Take herbal laxatives or fruit extracts - they must be mild. Gradually, your intestines will get used to regular cleaning and will work as a watch. But don't get carried away - excessive use of laxatives can hurt your body.
In the morning, eat a teaspoon of olive oil with honey. It's disgusting, but it helps to normalize the chair. Oil suitable and sunflower, but olive more benefits. Can wash it all down with hot tea. But if you want to get a quick result, double the amount of butter and wash with cold water. And after 30-40 minutes the intestines will be cleared without taking a laxative.
Every day eat a tablespoon of bran or fiber. These funds buy only in a pharmacy. Try to eat more vegetables rich in dietary fiber and fruit. Well normalize the stool: bananas, plums, peaches, melons, apples and apricots. Is, they have every day 100-200 g, otherwise the result will not follow.
Try to go to the toilet at the same time. In extreme cases, when the bowel cleansing has not occurred for more than three days, put an enema or drink a laxative. Stagnation in the intestines adversely affects the overall health and causes intoxication of the whole organism.