You will need
  • - bran;
  • cones of alder, chamomile flowers field, galangal root, licorice root.
Buy bran, you can find them in stores that sell healthy food, they are also sold in pharmacies, grocery and bread Department stores. The cost of bran is low, so the cleaning of the intestine is not expensive. Bran is the grain particles of shells mixed with flour. The most valuable thing in them – fiber, special fiber, which are composed of walls of vegetative cages.
Eat two tablespoons of bran with a weak solution of tea without sugar, juice or a pure glass of mineral water without gas. Take bran, three times a day for a quarter of hour before eating. Course duration is one month. Along with the intake of bran is not necessary to follow a diet, eat as much as you like, keep their way of life. Drink bran it is necessary, otherwise there is no point to use them. Fibrous tissue swells, absorbing water and only in that case annoying sections of the small intestine.
Per day should eat 6 tablespoons of bran. In excess of the prescribed portions to eat them is not recommended as it can lead to flatulence, heaviness in the stomach and other unpleasant symptoms in the intestine. If you work, take bran with him for a quarter of an hour before lunch, eat a couple tablespoons with water or weak tea without sugar.
Preferably, the purification bran once a year. Those who wants to keep his intestines working optimally, it is recommended to eat in the morning, a couple of tablespoons of bran, not forgetting to drink water, mineral water or tea. This will allow to get rid of many diseases and to clean not only the gut but also the skin.
There is another quite simple method for purifying thin bowel. Mix 10 g of cones of alder, chamomile flowers field, the root of galangal 20 g of licorice root. Cup boiling water pour one tablespoon of the mixture and let it steep for 40 minutes. Take the warm decoction, adding honey after a meal or before you go to sleep. The deadline shall be seven days. Take a break for a week and drink the broth again. Repeat the cleaning three times.