You will need
  • - antispasmodics;
  • - warmer;
  • - rectal suppositories;
  • - pounds of fir branches or pine extract;
  • mug Esmarch.
Stick to a sparing diet. Eat only warm. Give preference to cereals, boiled and stewed vegetables, dairy products, boiled meat and fish. Drink black tea and coffee with cream.
Take a pill of any antispasmodic, for example, "But-shpy" or its cheap equivalent of "Papaverine". Antispasmodic, acting on the receptors in the bowel, reduce the tensions of its walls and thus eliminate the obstacle to the passage of feces.
Belly massage to relax the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and muscles of the intestine. Slowly and without pressure drive hand clockwise for 15 minutes. Before the procedure for better muscle relaxation can be put on the stomach warm hot water bottle. In the presence of cancer and of acute abdominal pain the use of warmers is contraindicated.
Use of rectal suppositories (glycerin, sea buckthorn oil and cocoa). They reinforce the reflex for defecation. Enter a candle in anal the hole and then lie down for 10-15 minutes, the time necessary to melt the candle in the ampoule of the rectum.
Take softwood bath. Boil for half an hour in 7-8 liters of water 1 kg of fir branches. Allow to stand for 10-12 hours, then strain, and add the warm (36-38°) bath. You can also use ready-made pine extract, sold in a pharmacy. The duration of the bath is 10-20 minutes.
Take a cleansing enema. Pour into a mug Esmarch 2 liters of warm (37-42 degrees) boiling water. Open the valve on the end of a rubber tube and release the air. Hang a mug on a tripod at a height of 1 meter near the couch. Lubricate the tip with vaseline oil. On the edge of the couch, put the oilcloth. Next put the pelvis and drop it into a lower edge of the oilcloth. Lie on your left side. Pull your knees up to the stomach. Gently insert the tip into the rectum. The first 3-4 cm towards the navel, then 6-8 cm parallel to the coccyx. Open the valve of the tube. After the water flow remove the tip. Lying in the same position, trying to hold the water inside. After 10 minutes empty the bowel.