You will need
  • - flax seed;
  • - oats;
  • - bifidobacteria and lactobacilli;
  • - dairy products.
Go to the reception to the gastroenterologist. You need to conduct a survey of the digestive organs, to rule out other causes of discomfort. Will also take tests that will help to identify the main disease. The treatment of this disease should appoint only the doctor. Be careful that cancer of the intestine is a common disease, so you should not delay with the visit to the hospital.
Take a decoction of oats, it restores the mucosa of the intestine. Brew in a liter of boiling water 2 tablespoons of oats, then place in a water bath and warm up for 30 minutes. Strain and take 50 ml 4 times a day. The broth is desirable to use for 40-60 minutes before eating, so it is better absorbed.
Try to drink a course flax seed. It is sold at the pharmacy not only AIDS in the restoration of mucosa of the intestine, but also has a beneficial effect on all organs of digestion. Detailed instructions for use read the label. Some manufacturers recommend brewing with boiling water the seed, others advised to keep it in a water bath. It all depends on the specific guidance.
Drink bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. They restore the microflora of the intestineand gradually return to normal and the mucous membrane. They should take at least one month, otherwise the therapeutic effect will not be simple. During the period of treatment to completely eliminate the use of alcohol.
Try to eat as many dairy products, especially yogurt and sour cream. They have a beneficial effect on the intestines, clean it and normalize digestion.
The course of treatment should be at least 1-2 months, if you stop it early, the disease will appear again. Try to monitor their health, and most importantly, it must be regular and quality.The only way to restore the lining of the intestine.