Causes of irregular discharge of the child varied. Constipation and poor nutrition nursing mothers is one of them. The child with milk receives either an insufficient number of substances, or those which are bad for the body. When artificial feeding, the food may not be absorbed, and begin to ferment in the stomach. Also, the baby chair is affected by the insufficient amount of liquid.
Causes of constipation sometimes lie in congenital problems with the intestines, lowering the immune system and the ingestion of malicious virus or sticks. Violation of metabolism and the accumulation is too large stool hamper the possibility of its passage through the intestine. Some kids are faced with this problem during the emergence of the first tooth or violations of the usual power mode, sleep and wakefulness. To identify the true causes and treatment of constipation need to go to the doctor or to resort to the home methods of establishing the chair.
At the first sign of constipation in your baby, the nursing mother should reconsider your diet. She needs to eat enough dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, various cereals and to drink at least 2.5 liters of pure water a day. If the child is on artificial feeding, add these ingredients in his diet in small portions. Grind vegetables and mix with vegetable oil.
Feed your baby special formula containing dietary fiber. Such a diet improves digestion and bowel function. Better if in the first year of life the baby will only eat mother's milk, it is easily digested and contains all the necessary elements.
To establish the baby chair do massage the tummy clockwise. Then gently finger from the sides to the center, in the navel area. Strongly not push, perform massage strokes. Playing with your child, help him to actively move – it activates the intestines.
In the pharmacies you can buy the drug "Microlax". The tool is so safe that it is allowed to apply even to children in the first days of life. These enemas affect persistent pulp, dissolving them and bringing. 5-15 days the chair has to be adjusted. These procedures can be assigned to do only the doctors. If the funds used in the home, do not give results and the baby continues to suffer from constipation, contact your clinic for help to avoid disastrous consequences.