You will need
  • "Regidron";
  • - "Smectite".
If diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, chills, fainting, severe thirst, increased body temperature, severe pain in the abdomen, presence of blood in stool, fatigue and heavy weakness, immediately seek help at the hospital. All these symptoms can be due to serious diseases. Therefore it is better to undergo a full examination to avoid serious consequences.
If stools are loose the body loses a lot of mineral salts and fluids. Treatment of diarrhea is the need to drink adequate amount of water. The optimal choice is the combination of fruit drink water without gas. Buy pharmacy powder for preparation of solution "Regidron" and dilute according to the instructions, it will help make up for the loss of mineral salts and fluids in the body. Drink the solution in small portions during the day. At the time of treatment avoid eating dairy products.
Adsorbents are recommended remedy to fight loose stools. They reduce discomfort in the abdomen and withdraw from the intestines of accumulated toxic substances. "Smectite" is one of the most effective adsorbents, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. This tool will help efficiently and quickly recover a chair. Drug restores and protects the intestinal mucosa, binds to and detoxifies harmful substances. Diluted powder should be drunk three times a day for three days.
If food is causing your abdominal discomfort and cramping, it is recommended to withdraw for a time from solid food. It is important to select restorative nutrition, light diet should continue for two or three days. The diet should be: boiled white rice, broth, white dried bread, boiled vegetables, baked potatoes, applesauce. From the third day in menu to include fish and boiled meat.