You will need
  • - Janet syringe;
  • - 200 ml the rubber spray;
  • a catheter or rubber tube;
  • - medicinal solution.
Boil the syringe in 2-5 minutes (if not disposable). Begin the preparation of a solution for microclysters. If you start irritation of the rectum from entering the pure drug solution, dilute 50 ml of a weak decoction of starch (pudding without sugar) or isotonic sodium chloride solution. Suitable for dilution of drugs and decoction of chamomile. Pour a tablespoon of Cup boiling water and insist 15 minutes. Good strain and use as a basis microclysters.
Lubricate the tip of the syringe with vaseline. Lie on your left side and gently insert the rotational movement of the spray in the anus. Slowly inject contents of the syringe, try to breathe deeply - this will help to hold the solution inside the rectum. Then remove the container and lie on your left side for another 20 minutes. Try to keep the cure to yourself.
If the intestine is still empty, please enter another portion of the drug solution. If this happens regularly, do a cleansing enema Esmarch mug for 30 minutes before entering the mikroklizm. As the cleansing solution ordinary boiled water, no need to add no soap, no laxative. Try to monitor the temperature of the drug solution, it should not be below 40 degrees, otherwise will appear the urge to defecate.
Be careful. If you are using a potent substance, use the recommended dosage. Re-enter microclysters after the first failed attempt is not recommended, as you can get severe poisoning.
The smaller the volume of medicinal enemas, the less likely that it will come out. Children are encouraged to enter at one time not more than 20-70 ml. And don't forget to consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of this type of treatment.