You will need
  • - passport
  • military ID
  • - the document on education
  • - employment history
  • the Moscow or residence outside Moscow
For the position of engineer of the metro may apply only to men. Due to the complexity of the profession and the need constantly to focus. For the device to work you must first call HR subway to specify what closest to where you live the lines opened this vacancy.
Then, you must come to the HR Department for hiring. Please bring your passport, military ID card, education certificate and work book.
After registration, start to study for the profession of assistant engineer in special training center. Classes to be held for several months approximately from 9.00-10.00 to 18.00 on weekdays, you will study the structure of the composition, the appointment of levers and buttons in the cockpit, the duties of the assistant engineer, the basics of first aid. On the course you will be paid a good stipend. Upon graduation, pass the exams.
After exams practise hitting: some time work as an assistant engineer under the guidance of an experienced engineer. Then pass another exam.
Now a few months to learn the profession of engineer in the special training center where you replenish the previously acquired knowledge with new information concerning the particularities of the responsibilities and performance of actions of a fool. On the course you are eligible for a scholarship. Upon graduation, pass the exam and some time work as a driver paired with a more experienced assistant who will be watching. After the control examination and management techniques of composition instructor in case of successful passing of theoretical and practical material you can work with a driver on their own.
If the test instructor revealed any gaps in your knowledge and shortcomings in the work, you will need some time to learn and re-test. Until then, rock on you will show excellent knowledge of theoretical and practical material, you will not be able to get to work the machinist of the Moscow metro.