But the flight attendant job is quite responsible and serious, because the main function of flight attendants – security on Board the aircraft. To become a flight attendant can girls from 18 to 27 years. In the stewardess attended with an eye on physical performance. The flight attendant should have a pleasant appearance, tall (preferably about 170cm), her speech should be intelligible and clear. The main condition – good command of English (at least three University courses). In order to pass the courses of the flight attendants, you must first call the airline employee that You want to take, and to know when is set – usually the autumn or spring. Then need to be interviewed, the results of which You will be given a referral for medical examination (it is still called Vlek – medical / flight expert Commission). Flight attendants can only be absolutely healthy people. If You have passed a medical examination, You will undergo another three months training (some airlines term training of flight attendants is 4 months or more). During the training You will receive both theoretical and practical knowledge in specialized disciplines. You will have information about all the types of aircraft, about safety, about how to provide first aid if necessary and how to behave in emergency situations. All flight attendants are taught how to communicate with passengers and, if necessary, to evacuate them from the plane in 90 seconds. In the process of mastering each of the disciplines of flight attendants passing exams and tests, and if all evaluations are positive – future flight attendant must fly another 30 hours of training with an instructor. After that, the flight attendant receives a certificate that is a flight attendant, third class. The accumulation of practical experience, the class will improve, in order to obtain a certificate of flight attendant of the second class must be completed 2 000 hours, and to obtain a certificate of flight attendant first class – 3 000 hours. While sanitary regulations prohibit flight attendants to fly in a month more than 77 hours. The salary of flight attendants depends on its class and the number of hours worked. If You are sure that to become a flight attendant – your call, go ahead and conquer the professional peaks.