You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - photographs;
  • press.
Learn where to find potential employers the owners of these same trucks. As a rule, such information is available only through a friend. In many cities there are certain places-the Parking lot, where based truck drivers in search of temporary employment. Of course, such income is unlikely to be stable, but it will give you the chance to acquire regular customers.
Define a system of fees for your services. To do this, analyze the market, calculate their costs and provide discounts. Actively rely on demand works where require cargo transport, as well as on the experience of other owners of these machines.
Try to get a freight forwarder in a big company. Many businesses are not profitable to buy their own trucks, so his presence would be a clear advantage when looking for work. Consider the possible expenses associated with depreciation and the current use of the truck: these details must be discussed with the employer.
Place information about themselves on the Internet. Use free ad sites, forums, portals about construction, road works, transportation. Sign up on several forums for discussing any work related to the use of freight transport. There you will not only be able to find opportunities to earn money, but also to find good friends.
Take good quality photos of your truck. Even a used car is to impress new and clean, as some customers may involve this factor. Place the photo next to your ad on the Internet and the press.