Where to go to learn

To master the profession of a driver is sufficient to have at least secondary education. Then you have to take courses for tram drivers. Information about the time and place of courses you can obtain in the depot of your city.

On average, courses of drivers of a tram lasts within 10 months, they are free and, as a rule, employment is guaranteed. First, within six months you will lecture, then driven over a practice exam, and you can get to work. After the distribution depot you will have some time to undergo training under the guidance of an experienced driver. In addition to practical training, will show you how to understand chart check out how to repair tram iron, etc.

You should know that after passing courses and obtaining a document certifying that you can work as a tram driver, you will have to work in this specialty for at least three years, because before the beginning of the courses each applicant is the contract. Otherwise, the penalty payment is 30-40 thousand rubles.

The courses you will study such subjects as traffic rules, rules of technical operation of part of the device tram cars, the basics of electrical safety and labor protection, rendering of first aid.

The features of the profession

You should know that the tram driver can be both a man and a woman, 21 years of age. This profession requires good health, because the tram driver is necessary even in the bitter cold to go the route. And the trams are not very warm. In addition, the driver will be able to work people that have steady mentality, because the situation on the road happen different. The profession of a tram driver requires shift work and is for early upgrades, because working day a person of this profession begins at 4 o'clock in the morning. It is necessary to consider weather conditions because fall and spring are much harder to do the tram because the path is slippery and dirty.

The tram driver it is important to learn to drive smoothly so as not to scatter the conductor and passengers in the cabin, but fast enough to not be behind schedule.

A starting salary of tram driver is on average 22 thousand roubles if will work without gross violations. Leave tram driver is 28 days if I work 11 months in a row, add another 12 days.

Choosing the profession of a tram driver, estimate all possible risks.