Advice 1: How to become a tram driver

Those who are planning to become a tram driver, you should know that this is a serious profession requiring a high level of responsibility, because you have every day to be responsible for people's lives.
How to become a tram driver

Where to go to learn

To master the profession of a driver is sufficient to have at least secondary education. Then you have to take courses for tram drivers. Information about the time and place of courses you can obtain in the depot of your city.

On average, courses of drivers of a tram lasts within 10 months, they are free and, as a rule, employment is guaranteed. First, within six months you will lecture, then driven over a practice exam, and you can get to work. After the distribution depot you will have some time to undergo training under the guidance of an experienced driver. In addition to practical training, will show you how to understand chart check out how to repair tram iron, etc.

You should know that after passing courses and obtaining a document certifying that you can work as a tram driver, you will have to work in this specialty for at least three years, because before the beginning of the courses each applicant is the contract. Otherwise, the penalty payment is 30-40 thousand rubles.

The courses you will study such subjects as traffic rules, rules of technical operation of part of the device tram cars, the basics of electrical safety and labor protection, rendering of first aid.

The features of the profession

You should know that the tram driver can be both a man and a woman, 21 years of age. This profession requires good health, because the tram driver is necessary even in the bitter cold to go the route. And the trams are not very warm. In addition, the driver will be able to work people that have steady mentality, because the situation on the road happen different. The profession of a tram driver requires shift work and is for early upgrades, because working day a person of this profession begins at 4 o'clock in the morning. It is necessary to consider weather conditions because fall and spring are much harder to do the tram because the path is slippery and dirty.

The tram driver it is important to learn to drive smoothly so as not to scatter the conductor and passengers in the cabin, but fast enough to not be behind schedule.

A starting salary of tram driver is on average 22 thousand roubles if will work without gross violations. Leave tram driver is 28 days if I work 11 months in a row, add another 12 days.

Choosing the profession of a tram driver, estimate all possible risks.

Advice 2 : How to drive a tram

To drive a tram - employment is simple and complex at the same time. It's not the machine - it's all arranged differently. The car has no gearbox. But, despite this, to call the management of this form of transport would be unwarranted.
How to drive a tram
To become a tram driver, you must obtain a special licence. It issued after completing courses at the Training center (a branch of it is in almost every city of Russia). To learn serves in the position of the pupil of the driver.
To enroll in training in the plant, you will have to write a statement and provide a medical certificate. It can be obtained at the clinic, which is attached to the service school. To get the document to permit control of the tram, you will have to pass a medical examination. The composition of this Committee includes the following professionals: neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, surgeon and ENT.
Training in factory lasts five months. Half of the training period you will study the theory. This rules of the road, and the law on labour protection, and study of materiel. The remaining two and a half months you spend on practical exercises: first on the training wagon, then on a real tram. On completion of the course you have to pass a theoretical exam. Then go to the traffic police Department to hand over the theory. Practice driving you will be in the Training center. Upon completion of training you will get the right category "D", which will allow you to become a tram driver.
Now you can go on line. In trams equipped with only two pedals - gas and brake, as in car with automatic transmission. The brake pedal can engage. This facilitates the work of the driver, because it frees you from having to keep your foot on the brake continuously during the stop.
In older models of trams on the sides of the cabin has two handles. They perform the basic functions of management by tram. With their help, you can turn both acoustic and visual signals, the door opens.
Modern trams lever one. As necessary it should be put in a particular position. For example, to rotate a set at the same notch. For filing all other necessary signals, there are special switches and buttons.
When driving a tram you need to consider many factors: review of the windshield (on some models it is much wider), and the degree of isolation of the cab (in older models due to not very high quality insulation of glass in winter, strongly chilled). The shortcomings to correct in General, it is possible to prophylactically prevent, for example, to handle the glass with antifreeze. When driving you need to follow the entrance of the tram in the turns. On wet or icy rails wheels easily enough can go skid, and needed to remove light rail from the skid with no damage to the passengers.
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