You will need
  • a medical degree or paramedic;
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - professional certificate.
Find out whether your qualification requirements to the employees of the ambulance in Moscow. You must have completed higher medical education with awarding the title "nurse" or "midwife". For obtaining the doctor's office you must have a medical degree and relevant professional certificate. It is best to have a special for working on the ambulance, but others, for example, a certificate therapist. Harder can be narrow specialists - in an ambulance is unlikely to take anesthesiologist or pathologist. If you are a student in medical school or a graduate nurse, or nurse, you are left with only an opening for a nurse. To work as a driver in the team requirements are much lower - you only need a driver's license, experience in passenger transport.
Refer to the Station of emergency aid. This is the First Koptelskii lane, the house 3. Find the personnel Department. Please contact one of his employees and tell them that you want to work in the ambulance. You will be given the list of substations that have jobs suitable for you.
Visit several substations ambulance, go through the interview and select the one which will fit you and where you choose as an employee. Then arrange the necessary documents for employment. Please contact the HR Department again, with a diploma, certificate, employment records and passport. There you will be able to sign an employment contract.
Pass a medical examination. You will be able to get to work, but only if your physical condition is consistent with the high loads when working in the er. After this, you will be issued with an official order of acceptance for the position that you can give to your supervisor and to work.