If you do not have a diploma of an engineer of Maritime transport — do not worry. With a strong desire you can still find a job in large shipping companies. Large tourist ships annually recruit many staff to serve tourists during the cruises.
First decide on a company. Flip through the pages of the Internet and select a suitable. It can be both Russian and foreign companies. On their website published all the conditions for admission. Fill out the form and expect the answer.
Do not sit idly by. The answer is no, actively pull knowledge of a foreign language. The main course is English, but you will get a big plus if you own one or two.
Also a good bonus in your favor will be the diploma of the naval College. If you learn you consider a waste of time, try to buy a ready-made crust. Sometimes it passes.
Looking not only for cruise companies, see also those firms that hire on a heavy vessel. Girls take them cooks, medical workers. But here, of course, no special diploma is not enough. In addition, you must have a good knowledge of the profession and at least minimal experience.
The easiest way is apply in specialized recruitment Agency. Companies that are engaged in the selection of personnel for sea transport, referred to as crying.
Once the Agency has reviewed your registration, you are invited to come. There are a with all necessary documents. Don't forget the recommendation from the last employer. For foreign firms it is necessary to translate into English. The recommendations must be signed and stamped.
Crewing Agency will give you special training to prepare for the interview. They last about two weeks. We can also organize paid courses. After the start of the first stage of the interview. It is in English. You must clearly answer questions. They can relate both to the weather and a more challenging life topics. The main task of the examiners is to find out from the true causes of the desire to get on the ship. They are afraid that you can stay in a foreign country. So think ahead about what you are looking for such a job.
Say you love to travel, love to cook delicious meals that will be served to the tourists that want to earn money to study. In confirmation of his words be evidence that they did not intend to leave their country permanently. The next step will be a computer test for knowledge of English, and then psychological. And in the end — the conversation with the direct employer.
If all goes well, cook for a visa, go through an independent medical examination and collect the bags.