You will need
  • - excellent health;
  • - skills to work as a mechanic;
  • - secondary education;
  • - personally identifiable documents.
Go to the railway school to the specialty of assistant engineer. If eligible, the training will be free. In time he will have to undergo practical work of a mechanic to know how the locomotive and the electric locomotive. Such skills in the work of the driver necessary. It is necessary to learn in lower secondary education 3.5 years, and after the eleventh class - 1.5 years. At the end of training will traintion practice. Pass the examinations and defend the diploma.
Pass a medical examination. This is one of the most difficult stages: the health of the operator should be a truly iron. Led train- and - it's hard, you have to work day and night. There are strict restrictions on weight, cardiovascular diseases, neurology, etc. tend to work as a machinist take an army of men. But these are not enough, so we can consider other candidates.
Make a backup of the assistant engineer. After a certain number of routes, you will be asked to pass examinations in the depot. After this you will start experience assistant driver. After a few months of such work, if all goes well, you will have to wait for promotion to machinist.
Please contact the personnel Department of the depot, if the school is already long gone, and to manage trainom want. Bring basic documents: passport, INN, pension insurance certificate, employment record book, military card. If the depot is in need of staff, you will be asked to undergo a medical examination.
When health meets the requirements, the applicant sent to gartenschau. There for two months, you will learn of assistant engineer and in parallel to work as a stunt double in the locomotive or locomotive. After graduation, become a full-fledged employee of the railroad. And in a year, if your work will not be claims, will receive the certificate of the engineer of the 4th class.
Go through the same training the assistant engineer Elektrotrainand to work in the subway. You must report at any depot of the organization. Will have to pass a comprehensive psychological examination, strict examination, interview with the future leadership. You will be asked to purchase a plumbing discharge, and then sent to the training and production centre. A few months of learning over the training status of the assistant. To become a competent driver will have more time to study and train with a more experienced partner.