Assess your knowledge, abilities, personal qualities. Decide what you can offer the employer. The more driving experience you have, the higher your chances to take a worthy position. If you know the city well and navigate the terrain, you can get a taxi service, a delivery service or a trading firm. Often these companies invite to work of drivers with their own vehicles – in this case, you should offset the costs of gasoline and car maintenance. But if you in addition to the knowledge of the city stress and have a good response, can try to become a driver at the station of emergency medical care. You can drive public transport or trucks, if you have a license of the corresponding category. Often requires drivers in large enterprises like transportation of products and for distribution of staff on the service transport. You may be interested in the transportation of goods over long distances – the driver-trucker cannot be called easy, it needs experience and responsibility, but also paid for this work well. Recently gaining popularity as personal or family driver. The services of these specialists need the business of families with high incomes. Requirements personal and family drivers is very high: it is not only a great experience trouble-free driving, discipline, kindness, ability to find contact with people, a high degree of responsibility. Jobs personal and family drivers typically provide the Agency recruitment of domestic staff. If you have good health, you served in the army, I have no problems with the law and addictions, and the rules of the road I know by heart, you have the chance to get the driver to the police or on road safety. Selection for jobs in these institutions is very strict but offers staff a variety of benefits.