Advice 1: How to become a train driver

The profession of a machinistand a complex and responsible. After all, to run a locomotive, to which is attached a plurality of carriages, uneasy, harder than driving a car. Train driver is a railroad, managing freight and passenger trains and electric trains.
How to become a train driver

Where train drivers

Train drivers in zheleznodorozhnom College, to go to which can, after finishing 9 classes of secondary school. The list of disciplines taught to future engineers, is quite extensive. To control the train, you will need knowledge of its technical characteristics, rules zeleznodoroznogo traffic, safety, etc., for example, in modern trains came on-Board computers, and knowledge of how they work you will also need the engineer. The computer sets the motion parameters, deals with the computation of routes, and touches a locomotive machinist.

The features of the profession

The features of the profession of engineer applies knowledge of different types of locomotives, because it is impossible to predict where it will have to work to graduate College and what part to manage. Locomotives are divided into the locomotive and electric locomotive, and also in range of the route must follow. In addition, trains are for passengers and cargo, depending on, carrying people or cargo.

For the driver to go to learn can physically sturdy young men, with steady mentality, because the situation on the road is unpredictable. Often the accident, because the driver always goes to flight only with the assistant engineer. By the way, the graduate College never immediately appointed engineer – first only an assistant to obtain the required continuous practice. The assistant engineer will have to work at least two years, and then take the exam. Such complexity is due to the fact that the driver of the train trust the lives of hundreds of people, because its level is obliged to be professional, and the qualification is high. The operator of the underground it is possible to study directly in the depot with the subway line – will be enough to finish the training and pass the exam.

Always work with an assistant only driver of long-distance, the train driver alone is able to cope with the transportation of passengers. The long-distance routes are divided into certain sections. Every engineer is only expert in your area, that is, during the movement of the train to him several times connect the new locomotives, which are managed by different operators.

At railway stations there are Lounges for the drivers, because the labor of this profession is physically costly and complex.

The profession of a machinist are in demand today, highly paid and will remain so for a long time. Application of their knowledge, operators are able to find on railway, metro, mines and large factories with internal rail.

Advice 2 : How to drive a train

To drive the train, you need to choose a career or on a railroad, or underground. Usually it's a man's job that requires special education. Start driving a train can be in youth and in more Mature years.
How to drive a train
You will need
  • - excellent health;
  • - skills to work as a mechanic;
  • - secondary education;
  • - personally identifiable documents.
Go to the railway school to the specialty of assistant engineer. If eligible, the training will be free. In time he will have to undergo practical work of a mechanic to know how the locomotive and the electric locomotive. Such skills in the work of the driver necessary. It is necessary to learn in lower secondary education 3.5 years, and after the eleventh class - 1.5 years. At the end of training will traintion practice. Pass the examinations and defend the diploma.
Pass a medical examination. This is one of the most difficult stages: the health of the operator should be a truly iron. Led train- and - it's hard, you have to work day and night. There are strict restrictions on weight, cardiovascular diseases, neurology, etc. tend to work as a machinist take an army of men. But these are not enough, so we can consider other candidates.
Make a backup of the assistant engineer. After a certain number of routes, you will be asked to pass examinations in the depot. After this you will start experience assistant driver. After a few months of such work, if all goes well, you will have to wait for promotion to machinist.
Please contact the personnel Department of the depot, if the school is already long gone, and to manage trainom want. Bring basic documents: passport, INN, pension insurance certificate, employment record book, military card. If the depot is in need of staff, you will be asked to undergo a medical examination.
When health meets the requirements, the applicant sent to gartenschau. There for two months, you will learn of assistant engineer and in parallel to work as a stunt double in the locomotive or locomotive. After graduation, become a full-fledged employee of the railroad. And in a year, if your work will not be claims, will receive the certificate of the engineer of the 4th class.
Go through the same training the assistant engineer Elektrotrainand to work in the subway. You must report at any depot of the organization. Will have to pass a comprehensive psychological examination, strict examination, interview with the future leadership. You will be asked to purchase a plumbing discharge, and then sent to the training and production centre. A few months of learning over the training status of the assistant. To become a competent driver will have more time to study and train with a more experienced partner.

Advice 3 : How to learn to be machinist

One of the most sought-after jobs in the field of transport is the driver, in particular the train driver. But for the development of this specialty requires special training that can take place in one of secondary educational institutions.
How to learn to be machinist
You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - certificate of passing the exam or DPA;
  • - medical certificate;
  • photography.
Go to specialized secondary educational establishments (colleges) for two years in a College or technical school of railway transport. These schools are in many cities. To enter you must have a General or complete secondary education. In the first case, the training period will be 4 and the second 3 years.
Prepare documents for admission. In addition to the certificate, you will need to provide the results of the exam (GIA, if you've completed only nine classes). For future drivers is enough to show your grades in compulsory subjects - Russian language and mathematics. You will also need a medical certificate issued by the school, and passport photos.
Pass the collected papers to the admissions office of the institution. There you will write the application and you will be scheduled for an interview. In the process of the talks with the teachers you will have to justify their decision in applying for a certain specialty.
Upon approval of your application, locate it in the list enlisted, which is published by the head of the College after verification of the applications received from applicants. Should you not have enough seats paid for through the budget, you can choose a paid form of education. In this case, the contract between the educational institution and students (or parents if he is a minor).
If you want to speed up the process of obtaining a degree, and get directions to short courses of training of drivers. This can usually be done in the case if you have already been working on the railroad, for example, as a locksmith. In this case, your training will take about six months. This option is best suited for adults with specialty.
Not immediately after training to expect to receive the post of driver. To gain experience some time you must have worked as his assistant.
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