Where train drivers

Train drivers in zheleznodorozhnom College, to go to which can, after finishing 9 classes of secondary school. The list of disciplines taught to future engineers, is quite extensive. To control the train, you will need knowledge of its technical characteristics, rules zeleznodoroznogo traffic, safety, etc., for example, in modern trains came on-Board computers, and knowledge of how they work you will also need the engineer. The computer sets the motion parameters, deals with the computation of routes, and touches a locomotive machinist.

The features of the profession

The features of the profession of engineer applies knowledge of different types of locomotives, because it is impossible to predict where it will have to work to graduate College and what part to manage. Locomotives are divided into the locomotive and electric locomotive, and also in range of the route must follow. In addition, trains are for passengers and cargo, depending on, carrying people or cargo.

For the driver to go to learn can physically sturdy young men, with steady mentality, because the situation on the road is unpredictable. Often the accident, because the driver always goes to flight only with the assistant engineer. By the way, the graduate College never immediately appointed engineer – first only an assistant to obtain the required continuous practice. The assistant engineer will have to work at least two years, and then take the exam. Such complexity is due to the fact that the driver of the train trust the lives of hundreds of people, because its level is obliged to be professional, and the qualification is high. The operator of the underground it is possible to study directly in the depot with the subway line – will be enough to finish the training and pass the exam.

Always work with an assistant only driver of long-distance, the train driver alone is able to cope with the transportation of passengers. The long-distance routes are divided into certain sections. Every engineer is only expert in your area, that is, during the movement of the train to him several times connect the new locomotives, which are managed by different operators.

At railway stations there are Lounges for the drivers, because the labor of this profession is physically costly and complex.

The profession of a machinist are in demand today, highly paid and will remain so for a long time. Application of their knowledge, operators are able to find on railway, metro, mines and large factories with internal rail.