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Despite the fact that the crisis seemed to be over, unemployment was not much less. The job market is still a market of the employer, not the employee. Therefore, employers usually seek employees slowly - they know they can always find a decent specialist willing to work for little money. Accordingly, not all applicants considered.
However, this does not mean that finding a job through the Internet is impossible. There are companies ready to hire candidate with high salary expectations, if only he was a true professional. Contrary to popular myth that in Russia well get is now possible only through "connections", many people find a decent job in such companies. This, of course, will have to undergo a quite rigorous selection process.
The first stage of selection - course summary. On most jobs there is a certain form that must be filled. The summary should be simple, concise, to give a clear picture of your key skills and strengths. Especially worth mentioning their business achievements and leadership experience if he was. In that case, if you have no work experience, focus on the good knowledge of the University, the strengths of character and desire to learn in the process.
If employer interested in your resume, you will receive a call to schedule an interview. Before the interview you should go to the website of the company who invited you and learn about it as much as possible. Try to think what questions could I ask an hr Manager candidate such as you. It is worth reading the articles on interviews and thematic forums. Even at this stage of the selection you can offer a test or ask a couple of questions on specialty, except if the hr Manager during the interview will be a specialist Department which is hiring. So be prepared for it.
The final stage of the interview usually will have a conversation with a representative of senior management of the company. Up to this stage reach the most successful candidates. At this level it is important to discuss the job details, salary, benefits. You, in turn, will be tested for the ability to keep yourself, sociability and loyalty.
Don't forget about other methods of job search - ask your friends if they need a specialist of your profile. Very few people like to be beholden to other people, but what if you really a good candidate for the vacant position in their company. Don't be afraid to act, in the end, perhaps, you have ever to help them.