In underground work, both men and women. And those and others feel the lack of sunlight. But the sun is a source of vitamins. In particular, vitamin D is associated with the immune system. Lowered immunity is the cause of the weakening of the body, violations of the right work of organs and systems. In this case, the body becomes susceptible to all sorts of infections.

The composition of the air in the subway

The earth is dust, which contains impurity metals. This dust is so small that freely enters the alveoli of the lungs. And this is the place where the blood is oxygenated and relieved of carbon dioxide. Small particles can penetrate into the blood and then spread throughout the body, affecting internal organs. The metro is very poor ventilation, which exacerbates the situation. Of course, at each station measure the level of toxicity of dust and in case of deviation from the norm, take action.

The sound of wheels, the rumble of the train - all of it is bad for the hearing. Even frequent travel in the metro can lead to deafness, what can we then say about the workers underground. Passenger traffic in the metro is very large. Every time to see people flashing in front of him, the smells, the cries, the conversations - all this is reflected in the emotional state of the workers underground.

All the way the train is laid power cables. Based on this, you can talk about electromagnetic radiation that affects the human brain. Not a single case when the driver of the train had nervous breakdown because of incorrect behaviour of passengers has jumped the line in front of a train.

Why it is hard to work with metro driver

Women do not take the job as a train driver, because this profession is considered very difficult and even dangerous. Bright light in the tunnels of the metro, increased noise level, motion sickness, monotony of work, artificial lights - all this can lead to serious diseases and fatigue. And this is unacceptable, because the engineer in charge of hundreds of lives. Given the difficult working conditions, operators charge different benefits, provide vacation twice a year and, of course, well paid for such work. The subway employee needs to be stress resistant, responsible and able to make a decision in unusual situations.