The bite of mosquitoes. At the bite site redness, sometimes strong enough swollen. The bites are itchy, sometimes quite painful, causing itching. Occur throughout the body.
A flea bite. Flea bites are usually found in adults in the legs: feet, ankles, shins. Young children can be even on the belly. Flea bites cause redness and itching, and the time of the bite are usually quite painful.
Bug bites usually appear after a NAP, a bite can't be felt. In some people, the bites of bedbugs can remain small red marks that do not cause special irritation. Others have swollen, red bump Oplotnica. A bug bite can cause an allergic reaction.
The tick bite. Could be quite noticeable to humans, since before the tick bite injects its saliva with produces the anasthetic properties. Mites can be detected by chance, at a time when he's feeding off your blood. A tick bite can last several hours or even days. Finding at its the body of the tick, it is best to immediately consult a doctor, because pulling it by yourself, you can leave in the wound sting. A tick usually chooses warm, humid places close to the blood vessels. Often the bend of the elbow, neck, groin, anus and buttocks, the place behind the ears, calves.
The spider bite. The bite of most species of spiders cause local irritation. But there are a few types of poisonous spiders, whose bite can be fatal. For example, a bite from a black widow causes an immediate sharp pain in the site of the bite, then gradually developing, the pain captures all the torso, causing sometimes convulsions. Usually the bite is unnoticed, therefore, doctors may suggest very different diseases. In some cases, possible death from heart failure. The bite from a recluse can cause severe consequences – from severe pain at the bite location followed by the bladder and an ulcer in this place until the rash and fever.