Causes and signs of allergies

At risk are people who have a predisposition to allergic reactions. Unfavorable factors are a bad environment, insufficient intake of minerals from food, internal diseases.

Signs of Allergy to the bite of a mosquito or another insect appear almost in the first few seconds:
- swelling of the affected area of the body;
- puffiness;
red spot around the bite;
is the itching.
If there is a pronounced form of Allergy reaction of the organism is rapid, so you need an effective treatment.

In addition to the signs of the local lesion, can increase the body temperature, weakness of a General nature to increase heart rate, decrease blood pressure. In some cases, developing angioedema, which is manifested in the form of laryngeal edema or spasms of the lungs. Upon the occurrence of anaphylactic shock in the absence of immediate medical assistance is often fatal for the affected person.
The danger is amplified in the case when mosquitoes are vectors of serious diseases.

How to help the bite of mosquitoes?

Mild Allergy to mosquito bites are easy to treat. This should be applied to the affected area a special medication designed to relieve inflammation, swelling, itching. These include pharmacy means in the form of sprays, ointments, gels with the content of panthenol. Hormonal drugs prescribes only an experienced doctor, as many of them have serious contraindications and side effects.

Help ease the discomfort traditional methods:
- wipe affected area with a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of baking soda – 1 tsp in a glass of water;
- poultice of cosmetic clay – dissolve the powder in water until mushy consistency and in the form of pellets to attach to the site of the bite;
- lubricate the bite solution of fukortsin or "green stuff";
- apply a wet washcloth or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, Cologne;
- make lotions from furatsilina – 1 tablet to a glass of water.

As a treatment after the elimination of the first signs is applied specific immunotherapy, which is aimed at getting rid of the Allergy and not only its symptoms.

Biting midges are characterized by unpleasant symptoms that persist over a long period of time. Often there is pain in the affected area. With the appearance of more severe signs of allergies fast youto heal and to eliminate the effects can seek help from a doctor.