After wasp sting yourself the victim first aid. Using sterile tweezers, remove the stinger, apply to reddened place a bag of ice. Do not squeeze the stinger with your finger, it is very dangerous because, first of all- can get infected, and secondly, the poison will spread throughout the bloodstream.
If the patient experiences severe pain, give him to drink a pill non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. To the bite not inflamed, and there was severe itching, wipe it off with a cotton pad soaked in a three percent hydrogen peroxide or vinegar at the table.
In most cases after a wasp sting, medical treatment is not required. At moderate allergic symptoms give the victim a pill of antihistamines.
If breathing is difficult, redness of the skin, rapidly spreading edema immediately call an ambulance or take the patient to the hospital yourself. In the hospital he administered adrenaline, steroids and antihistamines.
In addition, the doctor should contact with the appearance of suppuration at the site of the bite, with fever, increasing pain, if the pain in the throat when swallowing, with biting in the eye area, the inside of the mouth or throat, numerous bites.
If vaccination against tetanus, carried out over 10 years ago, all patients will require re-vaccination, as in the bites of wasps there is a potential risk of getting sick.
In medical terms is the emergency help, then check your blood pressure, pulse. If all indicators are normal, conduct an additional examination is not necessary.
To prevent the bites are in places where the OS and in the locations of wasp nests, not shaking hands, if you flew a wasp, do not wear bright clothes, do not use the toilet water and perfume with sweet smells, don't drink on the street sweet drinks, don't eat fruit.