Some people are allergic to the stings of wasps. It manifests itself in the form of targeted pain, severe burning sensation and the bite is red and swollen. It happens that the insects biting in the eyes and other soft tissues, then Allergy symptoms manifest with a vengeance. In order not to aggravate the situation, you need time to take action.

First aid

If the person was bitten by a wasp, he should immediately take any antihistamine. Moreover, it is recommended to continue the application until the swelling subsides completely. Generally wasps do not leave a stinger in the wound, but if it did happen, it must be quickly retrieved with sterile forceps. Squeeze it is forbidden because it leads to more swelling and spread of poison. The bite will need to handle disinfecting means. Suitable iodine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

If none of the above are not available, then in extreme cases you can use a saline solution. It is prepared at the rate of 5 grams per Cup of water. If the hand is ice, it should be applied to the site of the bite and to change it until the swelling subsides. You can also moisten in cold water a sterile cloth and apply to wound. As a result, the tumor will soon be a lot less. If you have aspirin, it should be dissolved in water to moisten bandage it and apply to the bite. This measure will allow you to quickly remove swelling. After bite wasps the person shows excessive drinking, better sweet tea. Doctors also recommend for some time to abandon physical activity and stay in peace.

Especially allergic to a wasp sting

About 2% of the population is allergic to insect bites. They, in addition to edema, there are palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, pain in the abdomen, vomiting and nausea, it is also possible fainting. Especially dangerous are cases when swelling of the larynx and tongue. If timely assistance is not provided, then a simple bite can lead to death. It is important to know that with each new bite, the allergic reaction will be more severe.

The most dangerous is anaphylactic shock. In this case, the person loses consciousness, the cardiovascular system is disrupted, often the doctors can't figure out the root cause of what is happening. Thus, first aid is too late. In order to help the person, should give him an antihistamine, and then call the doctor.