How to understand that was bitten by a flea?

Not all people know how to look like fleas. And in the summer, when there are flying and crawling darkness insects, it is difficult to keep track of who was bitten. Moreover, the stings of many insects are superficially similar.

When the bite of fleas, a person feels a sharp pain, like the prick of a needle. The bite then very itchy.

Given that fleas mainly live on the ground, and fly they do not know, they usually bite around the legs. As a rule, it is neither one nor two bites, but the whole series, located at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other.

On the site of the bite is a noticeable blister, which is a few hours. But under the skin are microchromosome, which disappear only after a few days.

Different people flea bites can look different. It all depends on the sensitivity of some of the swelling subsides within 30 minutes, in others it is compacted, and there is prolonged redness.

The terrible flea bites?

Flea bites can trigger dermatitis disease – pulicosis. If fleas badly bitten a small area of the skin, can occur purpura.

Very dangerous flea bites for people prone to allergic reactions. If you are allergic to the flea bites fever up to 40°C. Man in a fever, he has a complicated breath, he feels restless. People with hypersensitivity to flea bites can occur in anaphylactic shock. Therefore, when signs of allergies, you should consult a doctor.

Fleas, like other parasites are carriers of infectious diseases. A flea biting a person, damages the skin and opens a small channel to power. It is important not to brush the bites, so as not to trigger secondary infection of the wound infection.

What to do if bitten by fleas?

You need to disinfect the bites and relieve itching. To do this bitten places clean water and antiseptic soap. They can also be lubricated with a water solution of vinegar or citric acid. For processing perfect special antiseptic lotions intended for use after insect bites.

To get rid of itching and pain, you should smear the bites with hydrocortisone.

To avoid problems associated with flea bites, it is better to avoid them. If you want to leave the city or walk on the grass, it is better to treat open skin with a special spray that repels insects.