Why mosquitoes bite

That bite not all mosquitoes, only the females of these insects, they know everything. But forcing them to drink blood, and how they choose their victim? The instincts of the females of the mosquito, like many things in nature, the set of survival of the species as a whole, that is, reproduction. To lay their eggs, these insects need proteins and lipids contained in the blood. That is why the mosquito is looking for a victim, literally "sniffing" her.

It is interesting that most of the olfactory receptors of the mosquito is configured to warm-blooded sweat, this may explain why in the same room some people will be bitten from head to toe, and some mosquitoes did not seem to notice. It's not the fact that someone sweats more simple substances secreted by their skin, captured biting better.
It is interesting that mosquitoes prefer to bite large people – they produce more heat and sweat, attracting insects.

The causes of itching when mosquito bites

Having found a suitable victim, a female mosquito pierces the epidermis of the proboscis and tries to find the smallest capillaries. But before you start sucking blood, the insect injects under your skin a special substance – anticoagulant, it does not allow to coagulate the proteins of the blood. The saliva of a mosquito, of course, are not poisonous, but it causes all unpleasant consequences from the bite – swelling, itching and redness.

In fact, all of these results, injection of the anticoagulant on the skin is nothing like an allergic reaction. Someone everything goes almost without consequences, and most sensitive people really suffer – they have the bites swell and start to hurt.
Mosquito bite can lead not only to unpleasant sensations, saliva of the insect often causes serious infection, including malaria, some types of fevers, bacterial and viral infections.

How to avoid itching after a mosquito bite

There is an opinion that if to ward off a mosquito, sucking on the flesh, he is not afraid and will not let under the skin of your poison. That is, it is better to sit quietly and watch until the insect will be sated and fly away. In fact, the poison is injected by the mosquito into the body of the victim just before he begins to suck blood, after all, he needs to ensure that it does not curdle. So no point to admire the blood-sucking insects no. Better or in advance to use the facilities, mosquito repellent, or as soon as possible to put on the bite antihistamine local action. This medicine comes in the form of a gel, cream, ointment.