Advice 1: Why mosquitoes bite

It's summer and the little bloodsuckers are back on the hunt. Mosquitoes 30 million years hone their hunting skills, using your physiological sensors to find a victim. A few of the insects so tormenting to man and animals, like mosquitoes.
Why mosquitoes bite

Males of all known species of mosquitoes feed only on plant food - pollen and nectar of flowers. They foraged sucking blood, just a nasty itch. But females without vampirism can't. They don't care who bite people or animals.

When the period of mating, females attract males characterized by a high sound. Mosquitoes pick up those sound vibrations with their antennae, choose females and the mating process. After fertilization, the female mosquito to breed the necessary blood. Even one drop of blood will give life to hundreds of mosquito eggs. And if the blood impossible to find females also temporarily become vegetarians, but in this case, can no longer lay eggs.

To suck blood, a mosquito pierces the victim's skin and before you get drunk, inject the substance, giving blood clotting. It is a foreign substance that stimulates the immune system of the victim and around the bite begins to develop swelling and itching.

Most worryingly, the mosquitoes do not only bite, but biting carry various dangerous diseases. Physicians and biologists consider mosquitoes culprits malaria, which is prevalent mainly in tropical latitudes. Malarial mosquitoes slightly larger than usual. It is possible to distinguish these bloodsuckers by the characteristic landing - they have the back part is heavily raised up.

The second group of diseases carried by mosquitoes, is caused by microscopic filamentous worms. Getting into the blood or lymphatic system, these worms cause blood clots, blockage of blood vessels, accumulation of lymph in the extremities - "elephant disease". Such diseases are common in Africa, Asia and South America. In addition, mosquitoes carry tropical and yellow fever, various encephalitis.

Probably many have noticed that some people even mosquitoes not flies. This feature people explain the poor health of lucky. Insects are often not associated with severe disease weakened people. Mosquitoes at a distance recognize the quality of the blood. So if you mercilessly bitten – rejoice the good condition of his body!

Advice 2 : Why mosquitoes bite some and not others

A warm summer night, many associated with mosquitoes, but rather with mosquito bites. Some suffer from them, but some like you are immune from them. It is therefore interesting to understand why some mosquitoes biteand others do not.
Why mosquitoes bite some and not others

Human body heat

Mosquitoes see the world not as people. They are able to distinguish the body temperature of mammals with their eyes. The warmer the body, so it is more attractive to a mosquito. Therefore, people with frequent heartbeat body temperature is much higher, forcing the mosquito to regard it as a source of food. After sports or long walks, some people are unable to fend off mosquito attacks.

Smells nice

Mosquitoes have an amazing sense of smell. According to previously conducted research, mosquitoes love the smell of sweat. So sweaty and tired people will be much more tempting for a mosquito than fresh and not sweaty. For a mosquito to smell unwashed human bodies, so the short-term protection from these insects gives the adopted a shower as some time, the person does not exude any smell. Also human skin has a smell of lactic acid, which is very nice this insect. Do not forget about the carbon dioxide exhaled by man. He is the principal for selection by the mosquito location of his victim.
At one time it was believed that consumption of vitamin b repels mosquitoes from man, but it was denied by Cal Jensen from Aarhus University.

Unpleasant odors

On the other hand, some unnatural body odors that scare away mosquitoes. The mosquitoes will bite human, heavily use deodorants and perfume, as this scent is not associated with the food source. Also some vegetable odors repel these insects, for example, the smell of juniper or pine needles. Most of the tools that mosquitoes repellent, based on the principle of the protection of smell.
Was noted interesting fact: mosquitoes day often bite people in dark clothes, and night - light.

Alcoholic drinks

Has been noted that drinkers often succumb to the attacks of mosquitoes. This is due to the fact that alcohol getting into the blood, causes heart activity to strengthen and the body odor to change. The smell does not leave indifferent mosquitoes. It is not surprising, if a drunk person asleep and in the morning wakes up with multiple mosquito bites on the body.


The person taking the drugs, the smell of the mosquito otherwise. There is a saying that the mosquito loves bad blood. The larger the bouquet exudes scents of human blood, the better it is for the mosquito. Especially nice mosquito blood taking heart medication.

The light sources

Almost all insects, obeying their instincts, fly into the light. No exception and mosquitoes. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that to lit the fire or the included flashlight in the woods as actively flying these blood-sucking insects.
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