Dangerous arthropods in the South of Russia

Как пауки плетут паутину
On the territory of the Russian Federation of poisonous arthropods in the bulk of dwell, as one would expect, in the southern regions of Russia, but in case of abnormal heat, they can migrate North. The most dangerous is the black widow, most often found in the Astrakhan, Volgograd and Orenburg oblasts and in the North Caucasus. Karakurt, also known as the steppe, a widow, is a species of spiders of medium size with a black body and red spots on his belly.

The bite of this insect is extremely dangerous and causes unbearable pain throughout the body. Delayed assistance can even be fatal. To save the victim can only be the introduction of a special protivokleshchevoj the serum, and to alleviate the suffering of intravenously administered procaine or calcium chloride.
It should be noted that danger to humans, it is the female black widow, to recognize which pattern on the belly, resembling an hourglass.

Another dangerous spider is typical for the Russian latitudes is the South Russian tarantula, he's a spider. Its bite is not so dangerous as the bite of a karakurt, however, also causes a sharp pain and causes severe allergic reactions and swelling in the affected area of the skin.

South Russian tarantula has a hairy body up to 25 mm in length in females and 30 mm for males. The color of the abdomen brown-rufous, below – almost black. The habitat is quite wide: tarantulas are widely distributed in steppe and semi-desert zones of Russia, also mizgiry was discovered off the coast of the Volga, in Saratov, Orel, and Kursk regions.

Poisonous spiders in the Middle lane

Самые популярные виды членистоногих

The most venomous spider in Central Russia recognized cheiracanthium. This arthropod has a slightly elongated light yellow body and prefers to hide under the leaves of bushes and low trees. It can sting only in self-defense. Bite can cause nausea and headache, but after a few days the symptoms disappear.
Dog to the poison of cheiracanthium insensitive.

Most common poisonous spiders, typical for the temperate climatic zone, are crosses and setochniki. Trapdoor spiders got their name because of the pattern on the abdomen, formed of a plurality of mottled and resembling a cross. Their size reaches 25 mm in length. Trapdoor spiders belong to the family of Orb-web spiders and weave a large radial web.

Setochniki – the popular name of one of the subspecies of crosses: they are slightly smaller in diameter, and the web is more chaotic. These spiders are also themselves are not dangerous and only attack in case of danger. Waliv, they can get infected, so if bitten you must seek medical attention.