Species of fleas bite a person, pretty much. It and the human flea, and rat, and dog. However, most persons suffering from the bites of cat fleas. Experts even call it a rarity because this species is widely distributed throughout the world and bites a huge number of mammals. It is often on the skin and fur of a cat from the street enters the house.

Features flea bites

Fleas bite actively and often, professionals claim that they attack people at first opportunity. And do it not out of revenge, but simply because they need to survive and something to eat.

According to statistics, one flea bite 1-3 times during one feed. Unlike many other insects, which already after the first bite leaving the body of the host, the flea, it may linger.
Feel flea is problematic. It is quite small. In addition, the bite wound she relieve. Therefore, a person usually notices is the result of its bite – i.e., the redness and small blister.

Mouthparts of fleas is a long jaw that looks like a thin needle. Them she pierces the skin and starts sucking blood. Most often flea bites legs, to far to climb.

почему декоративный кролик кусается

The danger of flea bites

как оттучитькролика кусаться

Fleas are quite dangerous pests. Sometimes they even compare with ticks. After all, the consequences of their bite can be no less serious than mites. For example, a flea bite can cause a severe allergic reaction, which, when an unfortunate combination easily leads to even anaphylactic shock.

In addition, the flea can act as the source of infection. It is proved that these insects carry diseases such as plague, salmonellosis, typhus, encephalitis, hepatitis, etc.
If you are afraid that you caught a contagious flea, give some time after the bite tests for various infections.

And, of course, a person risks when brushing the wound. Because dirty hands can score in the wound infection.

Why fleas bite not all people

что делать с агрессивным хомяком

There are situations when within a family some bite, others do not. And it becomes a true mystery. The specialists have explained that.

One theory says that blood-sucking insects bite the blood. For example, they just love people with first blood. For them it is the sweetest. Those who have a 3rd or 4th group of blood, do not have to worry, because this interest in insects does not matter.

Also victims fleas are people with thin skin. After all, to break the cover to get to vessels with blood, insects difficult. Therefore, the thinner the barrier the more it attracts.

In General conversation about what fleas someone do not bite, wrong. Fleas bite all. However, there are those who react and those for whom these bites go unnoticed. For example, the reaction to the flea bites will give people who are inclined to various kinds of allergies. Even if it is local and not very pronounced.