Advice 1: How to print a book

Print document in format books is one of the standard options of modern text editors. This procedure is organized differently in different apps of this kind. Most often for working with text documentmi uses the text processor Microsoft Office Word.
How to print a book
You will need
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
Start the word processor Microsoft Word, and then load the document to be printed in book format.
Go to the tab "page Layout" on the application menu and click the biggest button in the command group "Settings" - "Fields." Open the window with detailed settings page by selecting in the popup list, the bottom line is "Custom fields".
Find the words "multiple pages" in the section "Pages" on the margins tab is to the right of her placed a dropdown list in which you select "Booklet". In this section you will see another dropdown list ("number of pages in the booklet), where you can set a limit on the number of pages in the generated book. Default constraints are absent, i.e., the open document will be printed in full.
Revise the section on "Field" the size of the padding between the text and the edges of the sheet. Depending on how you plan to sew a new book, it may be necessary to put a nonzero value in the field "Binding". Landscape the page orientation in Word will be set automatically, and change this setting, you can not.
If the print will be A4 pages, then skip this step, otherwise set the desired format in the section "paper Size", placed on the tab of the same name.
If the pages of the document have numbering or headers and footers, the tab "paper Source" set the parameters for positioning them on the leaves of the book.
Click "OK" and prepare to print the printer - make sure it is connected to the computer is plugged in and supplied with sufficient paper and toner.
Send a document to print by opening the corresponding dialog by pressing ctrl + p.

Advice 2: How to print a document book

Sometimes you need to configure the printing so that the pages coming out of printer tray, it was possible to make some kind of book or booklet. It is enough to prescribe certain instructions in the printer properties. How to do this let us examine the example of the ordinary inkjet multifunction printer (MFP) HP Deskjet F2400.
How to print a document book
Suppose you are working in a text editor, such as Word and text that you have prepared should be documented in the form of books. To do this, go to menu "File" and click on the menu item "Print". Next, select our printer from the list and click on the "printer Properties".
Now in the properties window go to the tab "Features" and activate the following settings: duplex printing is manual, Layout of the booklet is Bound on the left edge". Click "OK" then the window will close and you will press the "Print"button.
Some printers in the properties is missing the booklet printing function. In this case, you will need special software. One of the best utilities of this plan - the "FinePrint". This driver combines many functions, among which there are printed brochures and watermark printing and save ink, paper and much more. The program supports all printer models.
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