You will need
  • - computer with installed software package Microsoft Office.
Perform the preparation of the layout ofa book separately from the layoutand cover. If your edition uses illustrations, use them for graphic elements, the resolution of which must be at least 300 dpi, better 600 dpi. If there are pictures, insert into the layout of the original versions of the files with a photo without pre-compression. To avoid scaling the layoutand set the page size, which corresponds to a trimming of the size of your future book. These dimensions need to know in publishing.
Use the following margins: top margin – not less than one and a half inches, bottom – 2 – 2.5 cm, left and right margins should be the same, their size – not less than two inches. Choose when preparing the layout ofa book for publication in the coding Windows.
Format the text layout ofa printed publication according to the following guidelines. Create a style for the text paragraph, it will determine the size and type of font, indentation of the first line (for example, 1.25 cm). The alignment of the text set width, and the last row on the left edge.
Turn on automatic hyphenation (tools menu – "Language" – "Automatic hyphenation"). If you manually set the indentation of the first line, remove the extra spaces. To make this easier, turn on the nonprinting characters in the View menu.
Perform automatic page numbering, to make the layout of the book. Place the page numbers in the center. Make sure that the illustration is not out of bounds. Go to menu "File" – "page setup" and check the box next to the option "Mirror margins".
Review the text to correct automatic hyphenation, for example, the names and initials to break on different lines is not recommended. Remove the spaces that are in front of punctuation marks and after spots of the last sentences of paragraphs. Install spaces after dots, commas, and semicolons. Replace straight quotation marks corner. You can convert the document to a pdf.