You will need
  • the results of the exam, chocolate, crib
If the UNIVERSITY is already selected, you need to call the admissions office and ask what documents are required for enrolment, as well as to know the list of alleged examinations.
Confident exams can promise the experts of the preparatory Department for entrants. Program preparation of students for the duration of each Institutee different: one is enough for half a year to prepare high school students for the tests specified for the particular College in another year, in the third month. The effectiveness of such programs must be commensurate with the abilities of the student. If he quickly grasps the material, and he in core subjects good grades, and you can save money home budget, sending the future of the applicant to a reduced program of preparation for entrance exams.
In some of the Institutes for admission is sufficient to bring the results of the exam. Based on the limit of counted scores of a single exam, a verdict – whether the enrolled student to the University or not.
Before the big day of entrance exam, applicant needs to sleep well. On the upcoming sleep to repeat the material and could fall asleep. Then the next morning the head is clear and thoughts will not tangle. No one encourages the presence of cheat sheets, but no one can and forbid them. In the end, to err is always possible, but to use a hint during the exam – it is at the discretion of the entrant. Also before the exam it is recommended to eat chocolate. Chocolate has nutritional properties that stimulate the brain.