A standard set of examinations required for admission to an Economics University, consists of three items. This is Russian language, mathematics and social studies.
To secure a budget place, it is best to focus on the required exams. The highest score on these two items will offset the scores in social studies.
Some universities also require that students pass the exam in English. Gaining such charges, the University prepares them for modern post-industrial era, which is characterized by an open foreign policy. Similar increases economic potential of the country, expanding the boundaries of the market, bringing it to an international level, gain experience with leading superpowers, allowing you to form a strategy for the development of the state.
Also, many universities hold annual competitions for all students. The victory provides a free place on one of the economic departments. That allows the student not to tense about the exam. It is sufficient to dial only the points exceeding the threshold. The admission Committee they will still be ignored.
Like the Olympics requires a basic knowledge of economic theory. You must be familiar with the basic concepts of Economics, to study its structure, main models and functions. You may need also knowledge in Finance and Bank lending.
This competition is held mainly in three stages. The first is "skimming." All students seated in a large audience and given a task consisting of several parts. Usually this knowledge of definitions, test and basic puzzles. After writing in the week, a special Commission counts the balls and brings results. To the next stage will be ten or fifteen of the most prominent. Next – presentation. Students shoot colorful video and tell us about yourself, mentioning to the school awards, high ratings and about family members. Upon completion of this stage, an auction is held, similar to a intelligent transfer on NTV "jeopardy". A prospective student chooses to display the question number and read the number of points gained in the two previous steps, which he wished to put to answer. There is a kind of bargaining among the participants and one of them put the highest number of points, answer. The correct answer – the set of points is doubled, if wrong – written off. Thus determines the prizes. Winning, as mentioned above, enter University without taking the exam.