You will need
  • Clean notebook
  • Handle
  • Lectures
  • Textbooks
A good night's sleep. Unplug the phone and the Internet. Rewrite the lectures slowly and carefully, trying to delve into the essence. It is advisable to do it in complete silence or with soft music.
Re-read what you wrote. Find obscure words and definitions, look in textbooks and manuals. Write down these definitions, trying to remember the meanings of words.
Set aside some time written lectures. Take the tutorial. Select it with the pencil key tags. They should help you to build up a picture of the subject as a whole and make its structure. It will be easier to navigate when answering questions.
How to pass the exam in <strong>University</strong>
Take a clean notebook. Write down the main points of her lectures, the tags from the textbook and definitions rewritten in the second step. It will be a kind of crib that you may repeat the material directly before the exam.
Take lecture notebook, try themselves to "chase" all the main points and definitions. Teach at random any issue of covered material. Go to bed early. Rising in the morning, using a kind of cheat sheets, repeat the entire course material.