If you want to go to University, understand first of all for himself: are you ready to study for a commercial office or you crucial to occupy exactly a budget place. The question of the distribution of your personal funds is just as important as and, in fact, the choice of your Alma mater. Many pursue diplomas of prestigious universities just because of their illusions of the future of luxury living. Alas, by itself, the crust is not important, examples of this is the mass of unemployed with a cherished little book with the words "MSU", they have not helped. Adequately assess their capabilities, both financial and mental.
Pereplanirovat on the topic of self-consistency in this world, still select the University. Better if you have already decided on a desired profession, then it will be much easier. But unfortunately, in practice, the undecided are not so common. So the University.
First: the Metropolitan/provincial. You - a resident of the region, growing, highly successful in the study of certain subjects, willing to build a career? Try one of the capital's universities. If you are a solid b + with an IQ slightly above average, can try, of course, to conquer Moscow or St. Petersburg, but in the "hot" universities, like MSU, St. Petersburg state University are unlikely to pass on the budget (but! can try). But I can safely enter the main University in your city or the capital of your region. If you do not belong to any described category, but have tight purse - do what you want! If you believe that you do need some qualifications. If finances are very limited - try the local University or College.
The right choice of educational institution is halfway to enrollment.
With options free education is more or less clear. In the provincial universities to the commercial Department, as a rule, it is possible to get, having three in the diploma and the entrance test is just a formality. For those who are ready to enter the Commerce at a very prestigious University, you still have to prepare. Select specialty. Often in such institutions there are, in addition to the exam, and their own exams: interview, creative competition. Find out about them from the students of the chosen University. And take a lot of time training in their chosen subjects.
Most will have to work hard to those who in whatever was going to go on a budget. This stubborn need to arm themselves not only with skills on the chosen specialty, but also knowledge of local orders. Study the competition for your course in previous years (the number of budget places, the number of people willing to do the procedure of entrance examinations, etc.). If your direction in addition to the exam, you need to pass an interview or some creative competition, with an emphasis on preparation for them. It is important to remember two things: a) perseverance to the end; b) must be a sober assessment of possibilities. If you on the mentality of a mathematician, do not act on historical faculty of the without careful deliberation. Look into the future: perhaps the world you will be more useful as an engineer, and keep history as a hobby. The man who is not in his place, spends too much energy even for small wins, and very often inwardly unhappy. Be in your seat, do not chase the status (and "cool" diploma). Work. Perhaps talent among your rivals in the entry - no more than 10%, the rest is hard work, "pumping" of knowledge and skills. Keep up with them, and be the first among them.