Advice 1: What subjects do you need to take to be a psychologist

Currently, more and more people are showing interest in psychology. Young people graduating from school, starting to think about the future, about higher education and career choice. This specialty is psychology considered to be the most interesting and the most difficult. If your choice fell on it, you need to know what items it is necessary to pass for admission in school to be a psychologist.
What subjects do you need to take to be a psychologist

What subjects you need to pass when applying for specialty psychologist

Psychology is considered the most serious and multi-faceted discipline that includes many sections and areas. Therefore, the phrase used to say most people "you'd make a great psychologist" cannot be considered an important argument in choosing this profession. Before you choose, you must assess their capabilities, aptitudes, and even talent.

Having defined the purpose of admission to the faculty of psychology should go in the University for the necessary information on the receipt. The University normally requires from incoming students information on the results of the unified state examination on mathematics, Russian and biology. In this case, biology is considered a major subject. Therefore it is necessary to address to the admission Commission that will give you the most information on the subjects.

Where to go for psychology

When you find out what subjects you must pass to be a psychologist, you should decide what form of training you need (full-time, evening or correspondence). And to choose the best University. First and foremost, when choosing a school you need to pay attention to the presence of laboratories which the Department provides the faculty, whether to release the University candidates or doctors of Sciences. All these things will be talking about fundamental training.

It should be noted that after high school, education psychologist to get a better person. If you are not the first higher education can enroll in master's degree (of course if available). In this case again you have to figure out what items will need to pass the specialty of the psychologist. Master suggests the presence of shared knowledge in science, so for exams you will need the subject of psychology and other General subjects (what it is - better to specify in the admissions office). In addition to teaching at the University, you will attend a refresher course. Ideally, if it be courses at your institution.

Currently, most of the people prefer distance learning due to the development of communication technologies. This method of learning has both advantages and disadvantages. However, those who just graduated from school, this option does not work. As the first education lays in the human scientific database that is the Foundation. Therefore, students need to obtain as much knowledge as possible, that only allows full-time study.

Advice 2: What to do in the EMERCOM of Russia

In our time, the training institutes of the MOE is quite promising and prestigious choice. Training in itself is as complicated as the flow. Its complexity lies in great passing grade, the number of applicants for one place. Because the number of educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia is very small. Deciding to become a cadet educational institutions of the Ministry of emergency situations, the applicant will need to pass several stages: preparation for entrance tests, professional psychological selection, entrance exams.
What to do in the EMERCOM of Russia
Try to do can a person between the ages of 17 to 40 years. Mandatory condition after 26 years is higher education. Also try their hand can and girls.
One of the stages of entrance exams is to test physical fitness. Check in advance the regulations that you have to take, because every year they change. Typically, this standard tests the pull – UPS, one hundred meters, comprehensive strength training and cross.
The main subjects that you have to take are math, Russian language, social studies, physics. In our time a form of taking is the exam. Passing points is determined annually. Go to electives, do it yourself, hire a tutor.
With the passage of entrance examinations conducted professional and psychological selection. It aims to identify the correctness of the choice chosen profession. This part does not require thorough preparation. You just need to calm down and be confident. If the applicant is really serious in relation to their chosen profession and a long way to goal, with a professionally-psychological selection he will have no problems.
Useful advice
Carefully consider your choice - are you ready for such a serious step into the future. Compare your desires and your opportunities.

Advice 3: How to pass the exams in psychology

Exam in psychology is considered one of the most challenging, so prepare for it it is necessary seriously and carefully. And successfully pass it will help following some simple tips.
How to pass the exams in psychology
Consider a training plan for the exam. Best of all all material on psychologyto learn, break it into blocks. Each topic needs to be taught separately, and then relax again to repeat it and only then take on new.
The installation of a positive outcome of the examination is also very important, with it, you will feel more confident, and the process of assimilation will take place much easier.
In the days pre-examination exercise. They help relieve physical and mental stress and fatigue. It is especially useful to go to the pool, as swimming tones and gives physical and mental vigor.
In the process of preparing do every hour breaks for 5-10 minutes to relieve tension and tiredness of your eyes. Time of such break is the best to use for outdoor activities and gymnastics.
Do not exercise at night, but on the contrary, a good night's sleep. Go early evening and get up early in the morning, afternoon "quiet time". Before going to sleep repeat a particularly difficult material. Such a regime would contribute to a more productive brain.
Do not forget about diet. Eat food which is rich in biologically active substances: vegetables, fruits, all sorts of greens, dark chocolate, natural juices. During the preparation for the exam to maintain strength when active intellectual work needed: Siberian ginseng, Schizandra, ginseng root and complex mineral elements.
Well examined in the material that want to learn, otherwise you are unlikely to remember it. It should be noted that good orientation in any section of the science of psychology helps to answer additional questions and to obtain a decent rating.
Useful advice
So you should prepare to have on the subject of psychology, it is very important mindset for the assimilation of such material. It will depend on how long it will be stored in the memory of the learned knowledge.

Observing all the above tips, exam preparation not only on psychology but also on any other object, will be easy and productive, that will lead to a great result.
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