You will need
  • First of all, you need to find out what knowledge you will need to demonstrate. Should write an essay to show your knowledge in the field of geography or to tell about something in a foreign language?
Find out what requirements are imposed by examiners in each of the tests. You may be able to obtain the program, a list of textbooks, which recommend the practice, questions or tasks from past years, sample tests, etc., Gather all these materials and try to assess if you have enough knowledge to pass the exam or you will have to make considerable efforts for the development of new materials.
If you prepare yourself, then make a clear plan of activities. How much time per day you will them be given, the items which cause you the greatest difficulties, and which you will be able to pass with little or no training? Make a schedule and set yourself a minimum norm, for example, the day you have to solve at least 10 problems or to read and learn 30 pages of textbook. Stick to the rules and try not to do yourself any favors, otherwise the finals will be that nothing is learned, and time for anything left.
If you understand that you have problems with self-organization, it is best to deal with a tutor or go to school. However, this type of training does not negate the need for independent classes. If you are not able to get a tutor or go to courses, then there is another option. It may well be that among your friends or relatives, there are those who can help in the development of the materials – ask them for help, let them give you tasks, and set clear deadlines for their implementation. In case of difficulties you'll be able to contact them with a question.
Before the exam don't stay up too late with the books. Better to sleep than to learn a few more pages. If you are too nervous, drink some mild sedative. During the exam do not assume that you know nothing and forgot everything – if you're prepared, you can handle it, and the panic will only lead to the fact that you will not be able to focus. Remember that the exam is just another test, what in your life will be many more, and failure is not punishable by death, but examiners are human beings just like you: at the time they were sitting in your place and also passed the exams. And break a leg!